Manifest season 2 : the victim is revealed and a grand return in episode 1

Manifest saison 2 : la victime dévoilée et un grand retour dans l'épisode 1

Manifest season 2 : a victim of Zeke unveiled, and a grand return in episode 1

Season 2 of Manifest began this Monday, January 6, on NBC in the USA. And the least we can say is that the creators have not done things by half. The program ? The revelation of the identity of the victim after the cliffhanger, and a great unexpected return. Attention spoilers.

No one died

The final of season 1 of the Manifest ended on a huge cliffhanger. On the occasion of an intense confrontation, Zeke was firing on another character – whose identity was not revealed, which left us in the dark the more total for the rest of the series. Good news, we now have the answer to this terrible question : who was affected ?

On Monday, January 6, was aired the first episode of season 2 in the USA. A highly anticipated event for fans, which has allowed us to see that the victim of Zeke was not Jared but… Michaela. However, hold your tears, the ball has not put an end to the adventures of the heroine, and thus no one was killed. However, new tensions have emerged between Jared and Michaela, the latter blaming him for his stubbornness that led to his big injury.

A return to life unexpected

It should be noted that this miracle was not the only one in the episode. On the contrary, it has also been discovered that Robert Vance – Director of the NSA, has not been finally killed in the explosion in season 1, but was hiding to watch out for… Ben Stone. Why ? The mystery remains to the present time, even if, in light of the last minutes (Ben was kidnapped by Vance), the answers should not be long to arrive.

In this regard, Jeff Rake – the showrunner, took advantage of an interview with TVGuide to declare : “as Soon as the next episode, we will understand why the kidnapping of the controversial Ben was justified“. More intriguing still, in spite of appearances, the relationship between the two men will not be broken : “The covenant that existed between them in season 1 to continue, but there will be more tensions, as we advance in the story with Saanvi and the Major. We will see different points of view between them about how to solve the problem of Staff“.

An accident without consequences, a death not really death, new questions arise… the return of the Manifest has not done things by half.

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