Manifestation anti-mask: the SPVM justify its non-intervention

Manifestation anti-masque: le SPVM justifie sa non-intervention

MONTREAL | Service de police de la ville de Montréal (SPVM) has been judged not to have had valid grounds to speak at the event anti-mask Saturday, even if hundreds of people did not comply with social distancing, and some of them even got hugs.

“Each event is different and unique, it should not be forgotten the right to protest. When someone manifest, blocking the street and walk in the opposite direction, it is in contravention of the regulations, and will not necessarily be stopped,” said AndrĂ© Durocher, an inspector on POLICE, to justify why the police had not dispersed the mob while its members violated the obligation to maintain two meters distance between people.

Mr. Durocher was also expressed that the police is still considering the possible consequences before they intervene or not during an event. A police action against a large crowd, for example, could create a riot.

Saturday, in the streets of the metropolis, many people who oppose the sanitary measures and the wearing of the mask joined together to protest.

Almost all of the walkers did not wear masks and were at least one meter of each other, edged with the other protests on other subjects in the course of the year, in which the vast majority of the demonstrators were masked.

The images of people crying without covers-face in close proximity to each other without being bothered by the police had surprise, knowing that the SPVM has spent the spring and summer to patrol the parks to remind people to maintain two meters distance between them, under the penalty of being fined.

The SPVM had to do some repairs Saturday and a few calls have been housed in the 911 during the event in the link with individuals who would be back, without a mask, in nearby businesses.

Mr. Durocher said that the SPVM will have to look at the terms of the next event, if it were to take place, before making sure of its validity.

The police Department of the City of Quebec had given a similar response to justify its non-intervention during the demonstration, anti-mask of the 30 July last, judging that it would have been more risky to act than not to do so.

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