Manitoba will review its partnership with WE Charity

Le Manitoba va examiner son partenariat avec WE Charity

WINNIPEG – Manitoba is going to consider a partnership that it maintains with WE Charity in the wake of recent revelations about the links between the organization and the families of Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau.

The first minister of Manitoba, appointed on Tuesday by the co-founders of WE Charity, the brothers Kielburger, as a close relative of the organization in the framework of their testimony before the standing Finance committee of the Commons, was handed the hands of the clock on Wednesday.

Brian Pallister had already delivered a keynote address at one-day STATES, a activity large-scale, for the account of the organization. “As a politician, I have never accepted a fee for speaking”, however, has tempered the prime minister in responding to questions from journalists during a press briefing aimed to provide an update on the pandemic in the province.

Manitoba has maintained ties with the organization. “We had an agreement in the past, approximately $ 150,000 for in-class activities,” revealed the politician, referring in particular to the activities of volunteering and educational.

“We will re-examine it in the context of what we’ve heard so far”, he added.

Mr. Pallister, however, believes that the links between his province and the organization have little to do with the current folder of the ties between the families of MM Trudeau and Morneau at WE Charity, even though they have not objected to discussions surrounding the granting of a contract by mutual agreement of more than $ 40 million to the organization.

“I think it is this problem that must be further examined,” said the prime minister of alberta.

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