Manon Azem (trapped) in a relationship with Vinnie Dargaud Scenes of households !

Manon Azem (Prise au piège) en couple avec Vinnie Dargaud de Scènes de ménages !

Manon Azem (trapped) in a relationship with Vinnie Dargaud Scenes of households !

If some famous couples are not the type to hide, as Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet, or Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, others prefer the discretion. For proof, did you know that Manon Azem (trapped) is in a relationship with Vinnie Dargaud, the interpreter of Leo in Scenes of Households on M6 ?

Manon Azem, and Vinnie Dargaud couple

For a long time, viewers have believed Manon Azem, in couple with Franck Semonin, his ex-partner in the research Section. Unfortunately for them, their relationship has never moved beyond the stage of friendship as the former interpreter of Sara Casanova in the series of TF1 is not a heart to take. It is also in a relationship with another actor that all fans of Scenes of Households and Clem know : Vinnie Dargaud !

Yes, we have been surprised to learn. Manon Azem, and Vinnie Dargaud, are so discrete that there is no info on their first meeting and their relationship, and no picture of them two together on the social networks. Therefore, it’s difficult to know when has started their love story. The interpreter of Leo in Scenes of Households is, therefore, not with his partner on the screen, Claire Chust : “She became a close friend. We get on really well“, he also confided to TV Mag in August 2018.

“It’s complicated”

If Manon Azem does not confer on her marriage, she never fails to answer this for the promo of trapped inthe new series of M6, in which the actress plays the role of Malika : “It has been complicated to find the box that I wanted to create for Malika. The real work has been done with Karim Ouaret (the director). We didn’t want to be too cliché. At the same time, she has a past and I needed to be able to defend it humanly because it is not only a nasty free. She has to have experienced something (…) I have watched films in upstream, but it’s complicated because I wanted to create my character because it belongs to me. I didn’t want to look like a character already known“, she explains to Tv Z.

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