Manon Marsault completely disconnected on prices: “it looks like she was born rich”, this sequence from It's the family that makes you hallucinate

When you're a star, even a reality TV star, you can be completely off the mark. And Manon Marsault has proven it again: with her friends from Marseille and her darling Julien Tanti, of course, the influencer is in the cast of the show C'est la famille, available on 6play. And precisely, in an episode, she made Internet users hallucinate during a sequence where she evokes the price of a house. Spoiler: she's missing the mark.

Recently, Manon and Julien Tanti got people talking about their shipwreck story. An accident that would have been invented and dramatized according to a rescuer. The reality TV candidate who can be seen in Les Marseillais opened the doors of her daily life, like other stars of the small screen, in It's family. For better… and especially for worse!

Manon lost in the face of the price of a house

One sequence especially caught the attention spectators. In an episode of C'est la famille on 6play, Manon, Julien Tanti, Maeva Ghennam, Jessica Thivenin or even Thibault Garcia are gathered and talk about real estate. Julien explains that they want to do work that would cost them the “modest” sum of 300,000 euros. “The work is the price of a house” he blurts out.

And there, it is the tragedy: Manon Marsault hallucinates on the advanced price and reveres himself in front of the others who remain glued to the skin. Because obviously for Manon, 300,000 euros is not much for a house. We let you see the video:

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According to her, the price of an apartment in France would be 300,000 euros but not a house. A moment that made the stars of Marseillais laugh, especially Jessica and Thibault who made fun of her. If Manon ever passes by, small statistics: in France, the average price per m² for a house is 2050 euros but it can obviously climb very high in the big cities. Everything obviously depends on the department and the city. For example in Paris, the average price per m² is more than 10,000 euros against 2140 euros in Reims. So much for the little lesson!

In the meantime, many Internet users have reacted to this sequence. “She lives in another world“, “She just forgot where she came from, looks like she was born rich when she wasn't at all” or well “We don't live in the same world” can we read in comments. At least we can count on her to have fun!