Manon Marsault married to Julien Tanti : her outfit is not unanimous

Manon Marsault mariée à Julien Tanti : sa tenue ne fait pas l'unanimité

Manon Marsault married to Julien Tanti : her outfit is not unanimous

Ca is there, Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault has finally said yes ! The two candidates of the Marseillais, the Asian Tour have married in a first time to the city council before going before the altar to the church. Some internet users expressed the hope that the mother of Tiago will wear a beautiful princess dress because her first outfit is not really unanimous.

A year after his demand engagement in Marseille Australia, Julien Tanti married at Manon Marsault, this Thursday, may 2, 2019. A wedding teasé in Marseille Asian Tour with the preparations. Viewers were able to follow this great day on Snapchat and for the occasion, Kevin Guedj, Nacca, Paga, Benjamin Samat, Carla Moreau (the witness of the mother of Tiago), Milla Jasmine, Greg, Maeve, Nikola Lozina, Magali Berdah, Alix, Ness and many others were present. Jessica Thivenin, it has not been able to come to the town hall, but it will be present, with Thibault Kuro, for the church ceremony.

The bridal dress by Manon Marsault clashée by users

All the candidates are, of course, on their 31. About Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault, the fraté Kevin Guedj has opted for a sublime blue suit while the mother of Tiago, she chose a combination of white and cream, accessorised by a few sequins. A dress very different from her princess dress tried in The Marseille Asian Tour. Some people are not really fans of the result, and they have not failed to do so.

Manon Marsault for her wedding she is dressed as a singer from abba“, “One explains to me the wedding outfit of @ManonMarsault ???!!“, “But Manon Marsault she married in combi disco saturday night wtf???“, “Why does she not dress for her wedding. It is not beautiful her outfit“, “So here @ManonMarsault we show the fittings of beautiful princess dresses to finally get married in pants??!!“, we can read on Twitter. That everyone is reassured, Manon Marsault reserve the white dress for the church wedding. It was there that the stage at the town hall.


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