Manon Marsault : whims of Tiago and tensions with Julien Tanti, the end of the year complicated

Manon Marsault : caprices de Tiago et tensions avec Julien Tanti, fin d'année compliquée

Manon Marsault : whims of Tiago and tensions with Julien Tanti, the end of the year complicated

Strongly 2020 for Manon Marsault. The star of the show The people of Marseille comes to the entrust on its social networks, the end of the year is complicated. Between the vagaries of Tiago, her son, and tensions with Julien Tanti, her husband, she is tired.

Back to reality complicated for Manon Marsault. Recently filming for the show Marseille in a heavenly setting (The Caribbean), the girlfriend of Julien Tanti today faced with a real shot of blues since the end of this adventure. At the bend of a story posted on its account Snapchat (denoted by Téléstar), the candidate of reality tv is in fact entrusted on the difficulties of his life as a young mom with her son Tiago.

Manon vs the whims of his son

Good my love, tonight I’m going to try to pass a evening between friends. (…) I hope it will be okay because Tiago at this time there is pastrès easy. It makes a lot of whims. As soon as we don’t want to give him something he screams it, it rolls to the ground.” she thus unveiled, visibly at the end.

And for good reason, to believe Manon Marsault, his son would have entered the worst period of childhood, that “where he wants to test us.” However, this game of the strong leads, logically, to difficult situations to manage in the daily, “It’s really not fun all the time and say, ‘Nan, Nan, Nan !’, it saddens me a bit. I do my best to explain to him that he can’t do certain things. But apparently this is the age. So it is a bit tiring“.

Tensions within the couple

Fortunately, she can count on the support of Julien Tanti ? Yes… and no. Always after the young woman, he too is affected by this fatigue, which sometimes creates a few sparks : “Even between Julien and me, it might happen that this is tight, there are these last days because that one is tired all of the two (…). I hope that everything goes back in order, there’s no reason. Give me advice, if you have“.

Christmas is approaching, there is still time to ask the old bearded one-year 2020 more quiet !

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