Manufacturer of jeans manufacturer of gowns medical

De fabricant de jeans à fabricant de blouses médicales

The plant of the company’s Yoga Jeans, in the Beauce region, has completely reinvented itself in the last few weeks. The largest producer of jeans in North America is now producing garments for the medical staff.

“We rented a shed of 50, 000 square feet to get out and completely empty our factory. And it has invested heavily in equipment to make blouses medical. We actually returned three freighters entire machinery,” says president Eric Wazana.

According to Mr. Wazana, approximately 5% of the machines were already in the hangar, while the other 95% is new equipment.

The demand is so strong that the company has had to hire 100 new employees and is still looking for 150 to fill new positions.

“It’s been just two weeks that we started. We will finish with more than a million units this month. Therefore, hundreds of thousands every week,” says Mr. Wazana.

As, at the very beginning of the pandemic, there was more fabric to make the blouses medical, Yoga Jeans has found a fabric alternative rather surprising.

“We are completely converted to an “air-bag” – it is a bag autogonflable – in a blouse medical. We worked hand in hand with the public health Agency of Canada and our partners also, manufacturers of “air bags”” says the company president.

If the company is too strong, it is because it has won a mandate from the federal government. The overalls are therefore worn by doctors, nurses and health professionals on the front line in hospitals across Canada.

“We speak bluntly of Vancouver Island-of-Prince-Edward. It receives “e-mails” every day. It is amazing to be able to make a difference!”, welcomes Eric Wazana.

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