MAP. Motorcyclist demonstrations against technical inspection: where are the main actions expected this Saturday in France ?

Bikers are mobilizing this Saturday, April 13 against the technical inspection of two-wheelers, compulsory from this Monday, April 15. Many events are planned. 

This Saturday, April 13, tens of thousands of motorcycles will parade on the roads throughout France to protest against the technical inspection imposed on their owners.

According to a police source cited by the Huffington Post, up to 20,000 motorcycles would be expected overall from the country. Major demonstrations are being held in major cities. 

The map of the cities concerned

Discover the map of demonstrations planned by the French federation of angry bikers below. 

Strong mobilization expected in Gard

In Nîmes, the secretary of the Gard federation expects a strong mobilization. "In any case, if everyone who called this week comes, there will be a lot of people", warns Corine Fabreguette, who has already counted in the past, for the same reason, up to 4,000 demonstrators, "when the departmental branches meet".

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This will be the case this Saturday, with a first grouping with the Vauclusian bikers in Remoulins, then a parade on the A9 until the Gallargues exit to find the Hérault comrades.

Where the main gatherings are planned ?

In Toulouse, the mobilization of bikers should also be important. The goal is to be heard and should disrupt traffic on the main roads of the pink city. According to our colleagues from la Dépêche, in total, between 600 and 1,000 bikers are expected and should demonstrate for more than two hours from from 2 p.m. 

In other cities such as Paris, Lille, Nevers or even Tarbes, biker demonstrations are also announced, always indicates the Huffington Post. In Marseille, the mobilization will take place this Sunday, April 14.  

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