Marc Dupré broke out in front of a sea of windshields

Marc Dupré s’éclate devant une mer de pare-brises

This is how, attend a concert in his car? It is incredible, different, and rather comfortable. If the experiment disrupts the usual codes of the show, Marc Dupré has proven to us with force on Saturday evening at which point the concert “lives” we had missed and that they are irreplaceable.

Marc Dupré walked on the planks of the large outdoor stage of the bay of Beauport on Saturday night for the second time, in the framework of the tour TD musiparc, which starts on 23 June in Bromont, Mercier, Gatineau and Mirabel.

Exit the atmosphere, sometimes oppressive, large crowds of festivals. Forget the sound vibrations emanating usually big columns of sound that hit us in the chest. Now, this is the car radio volume at the bottom that we knock out the eardrums. And we never applauded more, you type more of the hands, honking in chorus and it “flashes” the lights to share his enthusiasm after each song.

This communion collective rather noisy and unusual is set in motion as soon as the first notes played by the musicians of Dupré. For the sound, the spectators had previously tuned to the FM station displayed on the giant screens on each side of the stage.

With what has been experienced in the last few months, open the evening with Stay strong was very significant.

“It’s special what we saw this evening, then confessed to Marc Dupré at the sea of over 300 windshields in front of him. I would never have thought to put me good for a Yaris 2004!”

“But tonight, we are going to do as if nothing had happened, and I hope that you will live the most beautiful night of your life, he added. I am so proud to be Quebecers at this time. It held and we got scared. Now, enjoy your evening.”

With an explosive energy

On stage, Marc Dupré and his musicians, including Fred St-Gelais, had the explosive energy of lions in a cage that had just been freed after three months of confinement. They have given everything to make people forget the context and we bring a bit of normality.

There was something beautiful and contagious to see an artist as dedicated, smiling, who bit her full teeth in an experience never lived before. “When I hear a horn, usually I’m angry”, he ironisé, before asking the crowd to “honk the horn on the beat” during Here in my head.

Next directory, that hits festive included in its programme of an hour and a half, including a segment of “tounes de char” devilishly effective.

It has dedicated Your departure to all the missing of the pandemic and those who were not able to accompany their loved ones to the last moments.

He finished with a song that has also taken on another meaning in the last few months, with We are the same. “But don’t leave before the end. Because there, I see you from!”

Back to basics

After three months of withdrawal of live shows, and a summer of festivals on the water, the experience of musiparc is a great compromise. These shows in the raw state are a return to the essentials and reminds us that these are the concerts given with heart are the best.

Some advice, however. Even if many of them had brought folding chairs to sit to the side of the car, the show is listened to in the car, the volume at the bottom, the hand on the horn.

Then, make sure that the car battery is charged and that you have the windshield washer. You only have to turn up the sound!


The tour TD musiparc continues until 19 July. The complete program can be found at

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