Marc Fournier's patience rewarded

Marc Fournier's patience is compensated for

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His name is now in the opening credits of THE favorite series in Quebec, District & nbsp; 31 . He will play a teacher in Happiness and a patroller in the police series Lac-Noir . It is also from the series for teens, The side effect . Marc Fournier is reaping what he has sown over the past 18 years. & nbsp;

At 30, actor Marc Fournier decided to run a marathon. A race towards his dream of becoming an actor. Almost two decades later, his Yves Jacob has evolved into the core of the central characters of the most popular series in Quebec, District & nbsp; 31 . & Nbsp;

“We're starting to see that I'm capable of playing different things,” explains the actor with shining eyes. That I can play a role with some pressure and some degree of difficulty. & Nbsp; ”

Jacob at District & nbsp; 31 & nbsp;

Much like the loyal viewers of the series, he never would have believed that Yves Jacob – a villain working in the internal affairs whom one loved to hate – would pass on the side of the “& nbsp ; nice & nbsp; ” by becoming an investigator in the famous District & nbsp; 31 . Especially since he had already heard Luc Dionne say that Yves Jacob would never go to 31. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“& nbsp; I liked him, Jacob,” he insists. He had his motives. My view of Jacob hasn't changed that much. He's always been a guy who worked as a team. He doesn't belong to anyone, he can go where he wants and get mad at whoever he wants, he has a freedom. It's fun to see a character evolve. & Nbsp; “

He said he was happy, all the same, to receive a little love from the people he met on the street, he who was used to getting thrown “You, we hate you in District , but … & nbsp; ” And even happier to play the texts of Luc Dionne and to work every day with great actors of the usual cast and guests like Dan Bigras or Normand Chouinard. & Nbsp;

The success and the projects

If Marc Fournier had the opportunity to prove that he could keep up with the pace in this fast moving train that is District & nbsp; 31 , this is largely because Michel Charette had to leave the set for a moment for that of his new series, Happiness (in which Fournier also plays a small role) . Asked if he was interested and available to be more present on the screen of District & nbsp; 31 , the actor saw in the distance this finish line imagined 18 years earlier. & Nbsp ; & nbsp;

“I've had the chance to quietly build whatever happens to me, to acclimatize myself at all stages. I am happy, but I am not attached to anything. I'm happy with what is happening there, because it is still the culmination of several years of work. & Nbsp; ”

He lives well with the fact of having become a public figure and says grateful that his work appeals to the public. If he is careful about what he says on social media, he tries to do everything to ensure that success does not change his relationship with others. & Nbsp;

“What I present to the world is who I am. I'm an ordinary guy with a job that gets to be seen on TV. When I'm my guy at a soccer game, I'm that. I'm all crooked, sometimes I speak badly and I scratch my nose; That's it, Marc Fournier. & nbsp; “& nbsp;

With popularity and success open new doors for the actor. In January, we will see him as a blasé techno teacher, friend of the character played by Michel Charette. A secondary character “& nbsp; super funny to play and a total enjoyment of playing texts written by François Avard & nbsp;”, he says. For the record, it was when the actor was injured during a fall on a mountain bike and was treated with morphine that he developed this character “a little crazy” .

As for Lac-Noir which will be shown on Club illico in winter 2022 and starring Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, he promises that the series will wake up a lot of people. The actor plays the role of an SQ patroller in a very strange little village who will slowly reveal its many secrets. “& Nbsp; A genre thriller as rarely seen in Quebec. & Nbsp;” & nbsp; & nbsp;

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