Marc Hervieux: “What is important to me is the response from the public”

Marc Hervieux: «Ce qui m’importe, c’est la réponse du public»

Marc Hervieux is a unique case. Entered the conservatory without knowing how to read music, he has sung all over the world, endorsed the major roles of the opera, before deciding, one day, against all odds, to add popular music to her repertoire. Between Verdi and Éric Lapointe, the heart of the tenor québec has chosen the two.

Purists of the song lyrics that have made him the big eyes is the take for says : the singer, who just celebrated his 51 years, has no intention to deviate from the singular path that he has traced.

A few days ago, he announced the upcoming release of two albums, one classical and one pop, thus remaining faithful to a duality of art that he has with success since his turn pop in 2008.

Success? Let the individual to unpack the figures. “For the past eleven years, I have done in the Quebec touring completely classical, completely pop or a bit of both, and I have accumulated between 125 and 140 concerts per year. We have done the calculation recently, and we are at 97 % occupancy of the rooms. I sold nearly 500,000 albums.”

These figures speak for themselves found a support on the quality. The projects of Marc Hervieux leave a footprint. Include a memorable example among many others. A decade later, her duet with Ginette Reno on give me the tenderness still gives us chills.

Now go tell him that he is on the wrong track. “It is the public that will answer, don’t lie. To me, this is what matters to me. Critics of the classical background, it doesn’t count.”

Doubts pandemic

The COVID-19, however, has succeeded where the critics have failed : the do doubt.

When its commitments are made clear, one after the other in his agenda, Marc Hervieux confessed that he thought his singing career was not going to survive the pandemic.

“It is you as it’s going to stop?”, “asked the tenor, at the height of the crisis.

Today, he is more optimistic even if he agrees that ” this will not be evident.”

Yet, he noted, is not a challenge to a guy who has made his way his way in the world of music, a guy who has failed to be returned on four or five occasions in the conservatory ?

“It is obvious, is it, because I am a fighter, because I’m a guy that has non-stop projects. The confinement period for me will also be enabled to initiate two or three. We don’t have the choice. I absolutely do not want to use the word reinventing, but we must still find ways to do our job.”

Nostalgia of the drive-park

Let’s talk about reinventing themselves. Such as Marc Dupré, 2Frères and Brigitte Boisjoli in the last few days, Marc Hervieux has said yes to the proposal to give a concert in the formula ciné-parc.

In a curriculum vitae out of the ordinary, it may add the line “I sang in front of parked cars”.

“Never, he insists, I would have imagined it my whole life, even if I’ve imagined all kinds of business weird. This, no. I would not have thought to go to a concert hall with magnificent floats that go honk the horn to applaud me.”

It is told with humour and the tenor has taken the party to address this series of concerts with a nostalgic look.

“It’s a funny wink to me. When I was a child and that we were going to the cottage, our neighbours that I met were going to the drive-ins every Saturday night and they invited me. Later with my girls, it’s also become a sort of little tradition, it always goes at least once a summer.”

2020 will be no exception, but this will be dad the star of the evening.

Marc Hervieux anime the show La Dolce Vita, which aired on radio HERE Music and HERE Music classic.

Within the framework of the series TD musiparc, it will be in concert the 1st July in Mirabel, July 2 at Gatineau, July 3, at Mercier, and the 5 in Quebec city.

5 pivotal moments in his career

What are the moments that have shaped Marc Hervieux ? Those that have made it one of our most important and distinctive voice ? Who better than Marc Hervieux himself to answer this question ?

1991 : Don Juan comes back from war

Out of nowhere, and without training, Marc Hervieux landed a role in this piece mounted by the New theatre Company which included excerpts from the opera Don Giovanni, by Mozart. “I learned it by ear. They have agreed to listen to me for the audition and I was chosen. This is the kick I needed to do what I wanted to do since forever. “

1990s : the Conservatory

The vocal talent of Marc Hervieux is no doubt, and when he decides to go to study singing, the gates of several universities, here as in the United States, open in front of him. He chooses, however, the Montreal Conservatory, ” because everyone I consulted advised me “. He spent five years in training. “A unique memory,” Only problem : it does not read the music on his arrival. “They wanted to put me on the door three or four times, but some teachers believed in me and are mounted to the front for me. I’ve been really lucky. “

2009 : In the skin of Canio

On leaving school, Marc Hervieux has made the world tour. America, Europe, and Asia are discovering his talent. But he has a secret dream : to play a character Canio in the opera Pagliacci. “It was the role I wanted to play. I have been lucky to have done it several times, but I created it at the Opera of Montreal, [2009] in front of my family and the world that I love, in a production of extraordinary beauty and a staging fabulous. “

2009 : Hello pop

It is nice, to tour the world, but Marc Hervieux has wanted to ask his bags and explore another facet of his artistic personality. The Hervieux classical gives way now to the ground at the Hervieux pop. “I’m at a point where I wanted to make records, radio and tv. “Of Calgary, where he was the star of an opera, he announces his colors to his wife in an email in the middle of the night. “By chance, at the moment I am preparing for a pop album, Ginette calls me and give me the tenderness to happen. I found myself everybody’s talking about it on the first Sunday of march 2009, and then, on the last Sunday of the month, I was at Star Academy. It was a party. The transition was made. “

2020 : Finally, the TNM

Just before the great confinement, Marc Hervieux has ticked another box on its to-do list when he interpreted Émile Nelligan on the stage of the Theatre of the New World. “When I was a teenager, my ultimate dream was to play in the TNM, but I thought it would never happen. “Over time, he has played Nelligan several times. One day, he met Lorraine Pintal, and dare him to say that the place where Nelligan is to be mounted, it is the TNM. “Finally, she decided to the program and we have had a successful giant. It was a nice gift for my 50 years. “

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