March 10: what a feast, what not to do and signs of the day

Learn about the most important holidays and events March 10 in history

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What a holiday today – 10 March 2020? Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of the priest tarasy. Name day on this day celebrate: Alexander, Nicholas, and Taras.

The website “Today,” writes how the Orthodox holiday of Ukrainians March 10, 2020. In addition, we tell about the most interesting and important events that happened in history on this day, as well as about the main signs for March 10.

March 10: what a feast

March 10, 2020 revered the memory of the priest tarasy, which is known as Archbishop of Constantinople. He became famous for his good works, acted as the defender of the weak and disadvantaged, were busy setting up numerous shelters and hospitals.

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Signs on March 10

  • If rooks build their nests in trees – you can count on finding consistently warm weather.
  • Hear the cawing of crows – a sign that summer will be rainy, with lots of rain.
  • If a month is steep horns, expect frost soon.
  • If tarasy snow falls before Easter week will be rainy and cold.
  • If you plant cabbage and tomatoes, it promises a good harvest.

10 марта: какой праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы дня

March 10 – the day tarasy

What not to do March 10?

  • On this day, men are forbidden to work or to plan something, since then all plans can be destroyed.
  • On this day you can not sleep in the daytime.

What you can do on 10 March?

  • Put this day money on the kitchen table – believed to have been in your life must come a significant influx of money.
  • Give alms to needy people. The more you give the more you get.
  • If today is to begin to treat a serious illness, you can count on a favorable result.

Interesting and important events in Ukraine and the world

  • 1535 – the Spanish sailors discovered in the Pacific ocean the Galapagos Islands.
  • 1710 – published the first printed geographic book in Russian called “Geography or a Brief description of the earthly world”.
  • 1862 – the US Federal government for the first time in the country issued paper money.
  • 1876 – three days after obtaining a patent for his invention of the telephone Alexander Graham bell first managed to get through to his assistant Thomas Watson in the next room.
  • 1878 – Geneva came out the pocket edition of “Kobzar” of Taras Shevchenko.
  • 1905 – London based football club Chelsea.
  • 1910 – China banned slavery.
  • 1960 – Indians in Canada won the right to vote.
  • 1977 – several groups of astronomers in the USA, Australia, India, South Africa discovered the rings of Uranus.
  • 1982 a rare alignment of the planets – all nine planets (mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are gathered on one side of the Sun in the sector with an angle of 95 degrees (that is, the maximum difference between the heliocentric Ecliptic longitudes of the planets was 95 degrees).

Who was born on March 10

  • 1787 – Ustim Karmaliuk, the leader of the peasant movement in Podolia in the years 1813-1835 (one version).
  • 1920 – Boris vian, French writer, jazz musician and singer (“the Foam of days”).
  • 1940 – Chuck Norris, American actor, martial artist (“the abode of the devil,” “Dodgeball”).
  • 1957 – Osama bin Laden, the founder and first Emir of the Islamist international terrorist organization “al-Qaeda”.
  • 1958 – Sharon stone, American model and actress (“to Know that I’m a genius”, “Agent X”).
  • 1984 – Olivia Wilde, American film actress (“house”, “American dad!”).
  • 1992 – Emily Osment, actress (“Two and a half men”, “Young and hungry”).

Earlier we published a calendar with holidays 2020 in Ukraine. In addition, the “Today” wrote, when is celebrated Easter 2020 in Ukraine.

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10 марта: какой праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы дня

10 марта: какой праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы дня

10 марта: какой праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы дня

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