March 11: what a holiday today, what not to do and signs of the day

Learn about the most important festivals and events of 11 March in history

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What a holiday today – 11 March 2020? On this day in Lithuania is celebrated the Day of restoration of independence, which is one of the main national holidays of the country. Birthday March 11, said Anna, Ivan, Nicholas, Peter and Sergei.

The website “Today,” writes how the Orthodox holiday of Ukrainians March 11, 2020. In addition, we tell about the most interesting and important events that happened in history on this day, as well as about the main signs for March 11.

March 11: what a holiday today

In the folk calendar March 11 – porphyry of Late. Usually on this day was dominated by fairly warm weather, but spring was still volatile, and there can be severe frosts. The owners March 11, installed on the trees at the bird feeders. By their behavior determined the summer. If birds build nests on the North side of the building – the summer will be warm, and Vice versa.

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Signs on March 11

  • The snow on Porphyry melted – expect more frosts in the next few days.
  • If on March 11, sweeps a Blizzard, the snow, the signs will melt very soon and the summer will be rainy and cool.
  • Starry sky 11 Mar – wait for summer drought.
  • Migratory birds returned from warm early – expect a rich harvest of grain crops.

11 марта: какой сегодня праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы дня

March 11 – porphyry Late

Interesting and important events in Ukraine and the world

  • 1302 – according to Shakespeare, this day was engaged Romeo and Juliet.
  • 1811 – Nottingham started the uprising of the Luddites, the opponents of the machines.
  • 1921 – wife of king George V, Mary became the first woman to receive an honorary doctorate from Oxford University.
  • 1967 – on this day recorded 446 different versions of the song Yesterday by the Beatles, released two years earlier.
  • 1970 Pablo Picasso donated 800 of his works to the Museum in Barcelona.
  • 1976 – the billionaire heiress Patty Hearst was sentenced to 7 years in prison for participating in an armed robbery. In may of the following year it was released with five year probation.
  • 2011 – at the North-Eastern coast of Japan earthquake with magnitude of about 9.0 points, resulting in a devastating tsunami.

Who was born on March 11

  • 1770 – William Huskinson, English political figure and the first person who died under the wheels of a train (1830).
  • 1834 – Enrico Albanese, an Italian surgeon.
  • 1890 – Vannevar Bush, American engineer, Creator of the atomic bomb.
  • 1906 – Zino Davidoff, the Creator of the world famous Swiss company Davidoff (cigars, cigarettes, perfumes, coffee, etc).
  • 1907 – Jessie Matthews, English dancer, singer and actress (“Friday the 13th”, “Vienna waltzes”).
  • 1948 – Dominique Sanda, French actress (“Man-Mac”, “Family portrait in the interior”).
  • 1950 – Jerry Zucker, American film Director (“With a gun bald”, “top secret”), screenwriter, producer and actor.
  • 1952 – Douglas Noel Adams, English writer, author of popular sci-Fi series “a Guide for traveling through the Galaxy hitchhiker”.
  • 1982 – the Torah birch, American actress (“All I want for Christmas”, “American Beauty”, “Dungeons and dragons”).
  • 1986 – Mariko Synod, Japanese singer and actress, member of the Japanese idol group “AKB48”.

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11 марта: какой сегодня праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы дня

11 марта: какой сегодня праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы дня

11 марта: какой сегодня праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы дня

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