Marco, the hunter of dreams

Marco, le chasseur de rêves

Comedian Marc-Antoine Morin is a party to the meeting of the inhabitants of several cities in the province to attempt to collect their dreams and collective aspirations through a long bicycle journey that has led Montreal to Percé.

The journey is of size: 1500 km by bicycle through ten cities in Quebec to try to find out what dream the Quebec of today. In exchange, the reading of a poem by Marc-Antoine Morin, alias Marco, to each of the people who will want to confide in him. The journey began on the day of the national day and ends on 15 July; 22 days during which the rider has been tossed about by the breath of our ambitions collective.

“At the beginning, it is party of a desire to play, explained from the outset, the actor. At the base, I love literature and I wanted to read either novels, poetry or essays, whatever, in different cities, towns and villages in Quebec. And then of wire in needle, I linked it to a question that was in my head for a little while, around the community. I was looking to know what binds us, what makes you decide to all act together in a community, and this, regardless of the community to which people relate. It can be both at the level of a city, a province, a country of the francophonie, of the entire planet, and that fact that we get together.”

“I pondered and I told myself that there had to be something in the binder, in this that binds us all together, there was something in it of the order of dreams, of ambition, of aspiration, he continued. I’m starting from the idea that, maybe if we are all together, it is because we want to dream together, it may be that you want to go somewhere in the future together, and then I asked myself what was this “somewhere out there”.”

This reflection resulted in the art project, entitled Gold I dream, documented every step of the journey pages on Facebook and Instagram of the project through short video clips, poems and illustrations. Despite the solo journey of the cyclist, a whole team is behind him to make this documentary research a work of art in real time. A podcast is also planned for the end of August.

Build relationships

And then, what the dreams of the Québécois?

“I thought people were going to talk to me about a lot of environment, given that this is a theme so relevant, and yet, this is not what happened”, was first shown to the actor when asked what it’s like to harvest.

The comedian and cyclist Marc-Antoine Morin is a party to the meeting of the inhabitants of several cities in Quebec, in which he proposed the reading of a poem in exchange for a collective dream. On the photo: Tadoussac is one of the ten cities visited by Marco

“We come out of the pandemic, and I think people have taken this opportunity to reflect on our links to the collective, the ties that unite us, he continued. There are a lot of people who have spoken to me of re-establish community links, re-establish family ties, to re-establish links with small-scale, to know more about his neighbor, to be closer to his grandparents, to be closer to her grandchildren, try to re-establish a link that, in their opinion, and I agree, crumbles. It, I hadn’t seen it coming.”

“There are a lot of people who told me that their dream first, it would be to go look for this link-there with the other”, added Marco.

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