Margot Blondin: jealous of the little girl from The lunch box

Margot Blondin: jealous of the little girl from La boîte à lunch


In the TV hit Bagpipes, Danielle Proulx exerted a certain magnetism. Her gentleness and kindness appealed to many children. Among them, there was Margot Blondin who, thanks to her, felt very special. One of the beautiful TV memories that the actress remembers. there?

It's very difficult not to name them all, but if I have to make a top 3, I would say All dressed macaroni, A pomegranate with that? and Totally Spies! [with cartoon characters inspired by Charlie's Angels Editor's note]. They are three completely different worlds, but they really came to join me.

Macaroni all dressed

What childhood TV memories matter among your most beautiful?

It's a blur in my head because I was very young… But on Saturday mornings very early, I think there was Dora the Explorer on TV and my father sometimes got up to watch the show with me.

Would you say you watched a lot of TV when you were very young?

My parents kept a check on it, I loved watching TV! Sometimes I even did it on the sly!

Is there a character on the small screen who has influenced you?

It seems that I automatically think of Cornemuse [a veterinarian for child-animals in the program of the same title broadcast in the late 1990s and early 2000s on Télé-Québec NDLR], interpreted by Danielle Proulx. She was so sweet and kind. Also, the fact that she was addressing the viewers directly made me feel really special and unique. At the same time, it was perhaps the case for everyone, in the background!


A-t-t Is there another song from a show that sticks in your mind?

The song from The lunch box [from 1997 to 2000 on Radio -Canada Editor's note], it goes so well in the head! 

“What is/What is in this? A sausage/A sausage in the shape of a 6?!/What's in that?/A mother with a heart of honey/Roudoudou who listens to everything/A grandfather with caramel/A cute little girl…”.

Is there a character you would have liked to play for children?

I was so jealous of the little girl [Julie-Pier Nadeau Ed] who played in < em>The lunch box! She was around my age and I couldn't understand why she was on TV, but I wasn't.

What do you think of children's TV? today?

I watch very little television, even less youth programming. But according to the feedback I've had, it seems to be very good: there seems to be a good balance between the creative side and the educational aspect.

Margot Blondin inherited her first role important on screen in the second season of the series Les bracelets rouges that can be watched in bursts thanks to illico on demand. To realistically play Margot, a girl with cancer, she had to shave her hair. Patrice Godin lends his features to his father.