Margot Robbie – 29! The best role Hollywood beauty

The actress is able to transform into any character

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2 Jul, 08:33

Марго Робби - 29! Лучшие роли голливудской красотки

Margot Robbie

Australian actress Margot Robbie, who plays in the new film by Quentin Tarantino “Once in Hollywood”, July 2, celebrating her birthday. The actress played the main role in the movie “Tony against all” brought a nomination for “Oscar” awards AACTA Awards, Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and automatically included it in the list “Actresses of the Golden”. But Margot Robbie was famous long before the role of Tony. We offer you a list of the movies in which has played Margot Robbie.

“The wolf of wall Street”

For her role in the film, Margot received the award in the category “Best female debut” and was nominated for several awards. In the tape she played the second wife of Jordan, Naomi Lapalu. Who does not remember, the Hero is Leonardo DiCaprio one of the parties, Belfort meets Naomi model, with whom he soon develops a novel, Jordan and his wife divorce. He makes Naomi’s offer and some time later they have a daughter Skylar.


In the film, Margo has played in a Duo with will Smith. In the story, the con man Nikki meets a swindler and a thief Jess Barrett, who convinces an experienced master to become a teacher. The girl shows promise, and soon Nicky includes her in his team unwittingly falls in love with her.


The biographical war film, in which Robbie showed great skills. In the story, the new York television journalist Kim Baker goes to Afghanistan. There she meets a BBC News correspondent Tanya Vanderpol and the Scottish photographer Ian Makele. In the work of Kim helping the Afghan intermediary Fahim, who advises her about possible threats.

“Suicide squad”

Superhero Thriller, in which Margot Robbie played a key role, Harley Quinn. The film also played will Smith, Cara Delevingne, Jared Leto and others. The plot is simple: an intelligence agent Amanda Waller assembles a group of dangerous criminals. There are: the crazy gymnast-psychiatrist Harley Quinn, assassin, Deadshot, killer-pyrokinetic El Diablo, a thief Captain boomerang, mutant cannibal Killer CROC and specialized mercenary Slipnot. All of them Amanda pulls out of prisons and places under the command of Colonel Rick Flag. The squad are going to use as cannon fodder.

“Tonya against all”

Biographical film about the American figure skater Tonya Harding, who played Margot Robbie. The U.S. figure skating 1994 ex-husband Tony Jeff Gillooly and bodyguard Sean Eckhardt persuaded the man to break the right leg of her nearest competitor, Nancy Kerrigan, to deny that opportunity to compete.

We will remind, earlier enemny source from the inner circle Margot Robbie told NW that the actress is waiting for the first child.

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