“Maria dream”: between lightness and emotion

“Maria dreams»: between lightness and emotion


There is no age to dream. The friendly romantic comedy Maria rêve, in which actress Karin Viard slips into the skin of a fifty-year-old who emancipates herself through contact art, proves it in a very beautiful way.

Maria (Karin Viard), in her fifties, is bored in her tidy little life. Married for 25 years, reserved and awkward, she has worked full-time for several years as a housekeeper for an elderly lady. When she dies suddenly, Maria quickly finds a new job as a housekeeper at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

For this discreet mother, who writes poems in secret, discovering this new world will be a revelation. 

By dint of rubbing shoulders with free and open-minded young budding artists, Maria will drop her shyness to regain her self-esteem and eventually fall under the spell of Hubert (Grégory Gadebois), the school janitor. But can she afford to draw a line under 25 years of marriage to live this new love affair?

Love story

C' is a magnificent portrait of a woman offered by French directors Lauriane Escaffre and Yvo Muller with this first feature film filled with tenderness and humor. 

All in finesse, Maria dreams > stages a touching love story between characters (a cleaning lady and a concierge) who are too rarely featured in the cinema. 

Offering performances full of nuances, between lightness and emotion, Karin Viard and Grégory Gadebois embody an utterly charming couple. 

A nice surprise.

The film is currently showing in the cinemas of Quebec.

  • Maria dreams ★★★1⁄2

A film by Lauriane Escaffre and Yvo Muller

With Karin Viard, Grégory Gade wood and Noée Abita