Maria Yaremchuk explained why leaves the stage

Мария Яремчук объяснила, почему уходит со сцены

The reason for the departure of the Ukrainian singer Maria Yaremchukrepresenting Ukraine at the international song contest “Eurovision-2014”, which took 6th place, was the fear of stage. It has declared itself Yaremchuk in the program “Drozdov” on channel ZIK.

“A very long path length in a year and a half of inward discomfort, when I spoke to various analysts and no I had nothing to say! Of course, I’m psychologically healthy people, but it was hard for me to go on stage! I had a panic attack! I’m not ashamed to talk about it! There were cases when I went on stage, although for me it is not clear at all because I always wanted to go there! This is my “Holy of holies”, which brought me joy and meaning of life. And then, at one point, I felt that I can’t get out! For me, every appearance on the stage is like a little death, like Calvary! Numb body, I want to run. Your team just shoves you onstage, and you are, because then how to look people in the eye! I started a very long analysis! I realized that Maria Yaremchuk, which people saw on the screen, it is not the man that I am!” — said the singer.

She added that when now it is announced by Maria Yaremchuk, she immediately starts to behave abnormally, even stupid, makes a lot of mistakes of all sorts!

“I’m still going to sing, but take a time-out. I close the project by Maria Yaremchuk consciously! Realizing now myself, I see no reason to sing the music that sang, to carry that name, which I wore and the Luggage also! It’s probably hard to leave practices, if they exist, how would someone to them or treat! Everything that is already there, is a lot, and say this: “Bye!” complicated! I was afraid of. The whole year I decided! It is not impulsive! It’s not emotion! This is a conscious decision!” said Yaremchuk.

I wrote “FACTS” previously Yaremchuk announced the completion of a creative career and said that was finishing the last concerts.

Photo by Sergei Tushino, “FACTS”

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