Marianne Farley shines internationally

Marianne Farley shines & rsquo; international

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Three years after being nominated for the Oscars with her film Marguerite , Quebec filmmaker Marianne Farley is distinguished by new abroad thanks to his most recent short film, Frimas , which has had a good run on the international festival circuit.

Since its world premiere last June at the REGARD Festival in Saguenay, Frimas has been presented in around twenty festivals around the world, including those in Rome and Namur (in Belgium), Trouville (in France) and Rhode Island (in the United States). & nbsp;

The 20-minute film starring Karine Gonthier-Hyndman was also recently named Best Short Fiction at the Miami Short Film Festival. Interesting fact: Marianne Farley won the same award in Miami three years ago with her previous short, Marguerite .

Polarizing subject

In an interview with the Journal , Marianne Farley admits that she did not know what kind of reaction to expect when going to present Frimas in a conservative state like Florida. This is because his film tackles a very polarizing subject in the United States: the right to abortion. Frimas , a thriller, features a young woman who has an illegal abortion in a dystopian Quebec where abortion is once again criminalized. & nbsp;

“Of course I had apprehensions going to present my film to an audience in Florida, but at the same time, I made this short film precisely because I wanted to generate discussions”, explains the filmmaker.

“I have to say that in general the film was very well received. I think the people who go to festivals are open-minded. But I still had some less positive reactions after the screening from viewers who didn't share my views on abortion. But I remained very calm and explained to them why I considered the right to abortion to be fundamental and important for women's health. “

Towards the Oscars?

Thanks to its award winning Miami and the fact that it recently appeared at a movie theater in Los Angeles, Frimas is part of a long list of films eligible for an Oscar nomination for best short fiction film. We will know in a few weeks if the short film by Marianne Farley is shortlisted for the Oscars. But until then, the filmmaker is keeping a cool head. & Nbsp;

“& nbsp; I had an Oscar race three years ago and if, luckily, it happened again, I think I wouldn't experience it the same way at all & nbsp; “, she says. & nbsp;

” & nbsp; With Marguerite , it was really a whirlwind . Today, the big Hollywood machine scares me a little less. But for now, I'm trying to be detached from it. An Oscar nomination, I know it's something that can't be controlled: it either happens or it doesn't. “

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