Marianne Fortier: thirst for change

Marianne Fortier: thirst for change

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She played the top of the class, the “good little girls”, the damsels in distress, even. But at 28, Marianne Fortier wants to shed this label and look elsewhere, explore the dark areas of her register hitherto unexplored. “I no longer want to set limits on myself,” announces the actress.

She has long stuck to the skin of Marianne Fortier, this label of a young girl from a good family, or even defenseless. And she does not reject it entirely, well aware that she entered the world of Quebec showbiz with the archetype of the genre. She was only 10 years old when she landed her first role, lending her features to Aurore Gagnon, known as the child martyr. & Nbsp;

“A role like that marks a mark, both for an actress and for the audience. It’s normal that I continue to be offered roles in this vein; there is something logical in this association, with my physique and my blue eyes. But today, I want to surprise, to get away from myself and go somewhere else completely, ”she attests, in an interview with Le Journal . & Nbsp;

More mature

The actress prides herself on going where you don't expect. To play more mature, more complex roles. And that's exactly what she's doing this year. After showing your teeth (literally!) By becoming a zombie in Brain Freeze this fall, she is now taking on the role of Camille, an adult character with a big shadow, in Nous , due Thursday on Club illico. & nbsp;

Ce We , it is a building (the Northern Fixtures, of which only the letters n, o, u and s have survived the test of time) where five young people gravitate who, at first glance, could not be more different. But a stroke of fate tells them that they were all born within a few days of each other … in the same nursery. Is it a coincidence that for a moment they find themselves stuck in a broken elevator? Probably not …

On the sidelines of these meetings, Camille tries to put some order in her family life, which holds secrets, as evidenced by the generous inheritance she received after the death of his grandmother, his own mother having been erased from the will for obscure reasons. This quest for the truth will carry her very far, to the point of tipping her over to the side of the aggressor. & Nbsp;

“Camille, she is like a presto ; we don't know when or how, but we know it's going to explode. I can confirm it, ”says the actress, navigating cautiously in a field plagued by whistleblowers. & Nbsp;

“All her life, she has plunged head first into challenges like a bull-dozer, without asking any questions. But there, there is this heritage which comes to upset her. In seeking the truth, she will unearth a lot of things, secrets that will awaken something very dark, even violent, buried within her. This is one to explore. Truly. But it is difficult. It has to be very textured, very nuanced. It's something I've never explored before, ”she continues. & Nbsp;

Putting yourself in danger

Once again, there is this idea of ​​putting yourself in danger, of getting out of your comfort zone. Two overused expressions, of course, but which perfectly sum up the approach of Marianne — Fortier. & Nbsp;

As proof, the actress has recently started different trainings. Ballet and singing lessons have recently been added to his schedule, in order to discover other areas, to add new strings to his bow. Not that she has a concrete project going in this direction or requiring these particular skills —. & Nbsp;

“We often have this idea that, as an adult, you can't try other things. When I was young, I did swimming, piano and judo. Why should I limit myself to this? I want to explore, to keep learning things. If one day a project comes up and I need to know how to dance, well, I will have a base. But that's not necessarily the goal, ”explains the actress. & Nbsp;

In the skin of an icon?

Although … In interview with the Journal , Marianne Fortier ventures to think out loud, to evoke different projects that would allow her to show new facets of her register and to stimulate her differently. There are the scholars, the astronauts and the lawyers, all anonymous. & Nbsp;

Then, a name emerges: Diane Dufresne. & Nbsp;

The actress would see herself lend her features to the Quebec icon in a possible – and hypothetical – film inspired by the singer's life. & nbsp;

“It brings together several things that appeal to me: exploring a fragmented universe, another era and playing a character who was really outstanding for Quebecers ”, she says. & nbsp;

This would make these singing lessons profitable … & nbsp;

The first six episodes of We land on Club illico on Thursday. The next six episodes will arrive on January 20. & nbsp;

& nbsp;

Marianne Fortier in 5 roles & nbsp; & nbsp;

AURORE WINNING & nbsp; & nbsp;

  • Aurore (2004) & nbsp; & nbsp;

Aurora , that’s the start of everything, the start of my career and my passion. It was full of beautiful scenes to act out, especially for a child. »


  • Mum is at the hairdresser (2007) & nbsp; & nbsp;

“If Aurore was the beginning of my passion, Mum is at the hairdresser was the confirmation. I had loved playing a lead role, but was I going to keep loving it, was I going to be able to play something else? It also symbolizes the onset of adolescence for me, both on screen and in my life. This is one of my favorite projects. “


  • For Sarah (2015) & nbsp; & nbsp;

“I think this series left an impression on the audience with its subject matter, very much in tune with today's youth. I have known people who have lived this story and it was personally overwhelming. Many people drive without realizing the responsibility of getting behind the wheel. It’s a lesson that I will carry with me forever. “


  • Romeo and Juliet (2016) & nbsp; & nbsp;

“Looks like I don't realize I've had the chance to play this character yet. I was so happy on this project, being part of a troupe, playing the same thing every day, for months, and being able to constantly try new things. “


  • Tomorrow of men (2017) & nbsp; & nbsp;

“I liked everything about Chloé, her aplomb, her very assumed side which hid an incredible vulnerability and sensitivity. There was immense disappointment that we did not have a second season of Tomorrow of Men ; I still hear about it today. Grieving has been very important to me. “

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