Marichka Padalko delighted fans with his act

Маричка Падалко восхитила поклонников своим поступком

Marichka Padalko, along with her husband crossed the Bosphorus.Known Ukrainian TV presenter Marichka Padalko, along with her husband Yegor Sobolev crossed the Bosphorus.

The difficulties, which made her element, Padalko said on his page on Facebook, writes the with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

She admitted that the most difficult was the last 100 meters. She couldn’t beat them for 40 minutes, and she wanted to get to the finish line and cry.

“Never! Never give up! Go to the end! And if you think you lost, think again, and your opinion may change. It’s about my today’s Bosporus. Actually, his last 100 meters I rowed in fact, in the long 40 minutes to still to finish and to cry,” wrote Padalko.

She said that the beginning of the swim were no signs of any problems. At the start the participants were taken simultaneously on the two boats. Presenter noted that such competitions are very important the support of friends or family.

“When I surfaced after the jump, just calm down, everything is fine, sailing on the first landmark to get inside the Strait the desired current. The sun is shining, the waves are low, people around you can see, everything is fine. Pass the first bridge, you hear the voice of Egor, which tells me to shift to the right. At the same time surprised, I thought from the start we are floating apart. Further, in General, the “easy walk” – I’m floating on Yegor cap and not thinking about anything, he just with orientation on the terrain better than me, I think I do,” said Marichka Padalko.

Presenter noted that despite the depth of the Bosphorus, in the water feel safe, so there are a lot of rescuers and quadracopter, and hell began when she almost neared the finish line.

“However, I did not immediately understand. I was very afraid to “fly” the finish line is not coming in time of the currents, so start to significantly take a right. At this point, on the last leg already accumulated a lot of swimmers. Some time I just went with the finish on the balls and not looking around. It was a mistake. Only later, looking back to shore, I realized that I was not moving at all. I started to paddle harder, even harder, I almost reached the stands with the audience. The first side there hung a Ukrainian flag. And I think if I was with him came up, so I’m moving forward,” wrote Padalko.

She told me that she started to paddle twice as intense, counted to a hundred, but it turned out that for her took another from the place where she began to fight for the finish.

“And then I realize that I can’t swim out, and may not be able to do that I was selling for, and it’s hopeless. In a minute in my head I write a completely different post that I didn’t. Still decide to fight to the last, start paddling again towards the middle of the Strait, consciously farther from the finish to try to come at it from a different trajectory. Here comes the sun, the downpour begins with lightning, hear the lead at the finish, which is starting to actively speak into the microphone, and the swimmers that are left, start to take in a ring of rescue boat. The feeling that all!” – told Marichka Padalko.

But at the last moment she again came up to the bleachers and were able to get to the finish line. Already there, she learned that Yegor Sobolev sailed without problems because he dared to swim a little further and from there turn to the finish line. But several friends Marichka to finish not sailed.

“A few of my friends didn’t finish, and among them those who successfully did it last year. And I don’t think it’s a tragedy. After Bosphorus experience I will never write “boat of shame”. Because it’s not a shame. Just swim across the Bosphorus – one big lottery, and actually check on him,” said the presenter.

Маричка Падалко восхитила поклонников своим поступком

Маричка Падалко восхитила поклонников своим поступком

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