Marie-Chantal Perron : unforgettable Stories of girls”

Marie-Chantal Perron : d’inoubliables «Histoires de filles»

MONTREAL – Marie-Chantal Perron was part of the adventure “Stories of girls” from the beginning to the end of the “sitcom”, which was once a reliable value of VAT, from 1999 to 2008. Safe value to such a point that the comedy, which was also featured Guylaine Tremblay, Nathalie Mallette and Catherine Lachance, is still the beautiful days of Taking 2!

More than ten years after the end of this beautiful journey, the actress, 53-year-old commiserates always moments of complicity shared with her playing partners, among whom was also Mario Jean, Yves P. Pelletier, Michel Laperrière, Guy Jodoin et Laurent Paquin. The interpreter of the mother of a family row, Mary-Jo, who émancipait in the course of the series to become the roommate of his girlfriends, looks back on the highlights of this unforgettable time.

– Marie-Chantal, “Stories of girls” is still playing, Jack-2, 12 years after the end of the series…

– “Yeah, I know, I get checks! (laughter)”

– Is it that you find that it has aged well? How this issue resonates in you, after all these years?

– “I can’t say that I watch it. But what I notice is how people continue to watch it, and how much they love this beautiful “gang” of friends. It keeps a very nice, friendly. The texts were good. We also had a lot of fun to do it between us. Sometimes, it was necessary to tighten the buttocks to avoid the giggles ; play with ti-Guy Jodoin, Laurent Paquin… It was all the tanning! (laughter)”

“It still lasted 10 years. Links are created ; I’ve seen couples form and separate, of the babies born, of sentences that one has consolées… We have been through a lot during 10 years. Artistically, I believe that the quality is still there today, as it was at the time. It is like a good soup Lipton!”

– Where were you in your life and your career when you got the role of Mary-Jo, 20 years ago?

– “I was in my early thirties. I was exiting the national theatre School in 1989, ten years earlier. “Stories of girls” was a good trigger, that has made me see me and brought lots of other opportunities, including the film “The Mysterious Mademoiselle C”, to name this project. Until then, I was working on, but “Stories of girls” has solidified my place to the tv. We were there every week, people are attached to our characters and the actresses that it was. Louis Saïa (creator of the series, editor’s NOTE) gave me a great opportunity of career, all the more that it lasted for ten years. Only at the financial level, it was a nice work done, year by year, since it was all the time. How many projects have lasted 10 years (in quebec television)? You can count on the fingers of the hand, almost!”

– Would you say that”Stories of girls” had a feminist at the time, and even still today?

– “With the benefit of hindsight, I would say yes. The four main characters were four girls with issues girls. Yes, Louis Saïa has had a look precursor. Even if we were surrounded by guys, the crux of the story, it was the four girls. It was a comedy, and we were able to laugh as much as any guy.”

– Prior to the containment, you played in the plays “The neighbors” and “Tanguy”, and you’re ready to turn in for the second season of “Cerebrum”. How do you spend your free time since the beginning of the pandemic?

– “I make masks for my friends. I call it my project pandemic! I contact them and send them by the post of the beautiful masks Waddles, with beautiful fabrics, cherries, Flamingos and beautiful carreautés. This is my way of staying alert, because I work with my hands. To know that, in a few days, someone will shout out, opening an envelope, it makes me warm to the heart. It is always a good remedy, to help others to help themselves!”

  • “Stories of the girls”, Monday to Thursday, 19 h, to the Outlet 2. Marie-Chantal Perron launched, shortly before the pandemic, the graphic novel “girlfriend and Girlfriend”, co-authored with Kim Nunès and Tammy Verge, published at Éditions de l’homme.
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