Marie-France Marcotte: the “late career” of a brilliant actress on the small screen

Marie-France Marcotte: The “late career” of a brilliant comedy dienne on the small screen


Marie-France Marcotte feels like she is having a “late career” in television. The actress has multiplied secondary roles since the beginning of her career in the early 1990s, but “Do you hear me?” changed the game, making the phone ring more and he was given beefier sheet music. 

Previously very active on the boards and having taught theater for 20 years, Marie-France Marcotte had the chance to play Line, a mother victim of domestic violence in the star-studded series by Florence Longpré. The scene where Line presents herself in an organization helping women in difficulty, after realizing that her daughter Carolanne (Ève Landry) is in the same situation as her, is heartbreakingly true and earned her a Gemini award.

In “All life”, she then brilliantly defended the role of Christine, the biological mother of Tina (Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc) who lives in residence because of her mental problems. Again, Marie-France Marcotte had touching moments to deliver, she who had to maneuver on a fine line to avoid falling into caricature.

We find her completely elsewhere since September, this time in the skin of Dominique Després, a snobbish lawyer emeritus, hungry for power and whom we do not want to make the enemy. Cougar, she takes in her nets Marc-André (Éric Bruneau), several years her junior, whom she hosts in her unoccupied loft and with whom she sends herself into the air.

C' is candy for viewers. And it is with great pleasure that the actress embodies a villain of Dominique's caliber “because it takes me out of myself”.

“At first, she scared me. Her treacherous side, in the scheming… In fact, there are two strong women in the office, Évelyne (Karine Vanesse) and Dominique, and we feel that this tires Dominique, because she has always evolved in a world of men. Her relationship with women is special,” she told Agence QMI, praising the texts by Éric Bruneau and Kim Lévesque Lizotte as well as the work of director Stéphane Lapointe in this resolutely modern series.

“Dominique is a strong woman, a strong woman who loves money and power, a charmer. Then she is a little mysterious. Unlike the other characters, nothing is known about his personal life. Apart from the fact that she lives in a “penthouse” and that there are men's shirts in her wardrobe without anyone knowing why,” said the actress, laughing.

“For many people, money is a symbol of success, of success, as if money were the ultimate goal in life. It's a bit sad and it's so opposite to who I am,” she said, specifying in passing never to judge her characters.

“The bombes”, “Frontières” and “La guêpe”

We will find Marie-France Marcotte in the series “Les bombes” next winter at Séries Plus. She will also be in “Borders”, the new film by Guy Édouin whose release has been delayed by the pandemic. And his participation in the short film “La guêpe”, by Marc Dupré, which won him an interpretation award at the last Fantasia, is currently touring festivals internationally.

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