Marie-Soleil Dion: feel the cold while reading

Marie-Soleil Dion: sentir le froid en lisant

In addition to animating the everyday It’s going to go well broadcast on TVA, the actress Marie-Soleil Dion bed. She tells us what.

What have you had time to read a good, during these last few weeks ?

With everything that has happened, and the issue It will go to TVA, it has for me been a lot more difficult to read ! But what I read in this moment, it is Miss Saturday night by Heather O’neill, and I like it a lot. It is translated to English and it’s happening in Montreal, where the twins live with their grandfather in a small apartment on the boulevard Saint-Laurent. It is wacky like ambiance, and the author portrayed the Saint-Laurent boulevard for some time.

You can talk to us about your most recent big, big crush ?

I also really enjoyed the books by Sophie Welcome, among others , And at worst, you will get married, Look for Sam and Around it. There is poetry in these books and, at the same time, it is concrete, and the images are clear.

There is also The woman who fled by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, which to me has completely reversed. It is both beautiful and very hard.

Otherwise, this time, regardless of the year you have played, what are the novels that you have loved ?

  • I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. The plot is a little difficult to summarize, because it follows multiple stories in parallel and that it is happening in lots of places and different contexts, but by and large, someone is preparing an attack against the western world with a virus. It kept me at the end of my chair throughout !
  • The tamer of lions of Camilla Läckberg. I really picked it up. But I can say that for just about all Camilla Läckberg. I love that it’s happening in Stockholm, feel the cold. In fact, I love everything that is suspense Swedish !
  • The Truth about the Case of Harry Quebert de Joël Dicker. Another book that has me captivated from one end to the other.
  • Sweet song of Leïla Slimani. This is a book that I had sawn off both of her legs. I read it when my son started going to daycare and it was not a good idea because the story is terrible [two young children murdered by their nanny]. But it is so well-written !
  • Suffers never of tears without gloves by Jonas Gardell. A wonderful novel. It doesn’t make moons that gay rights are accepted and in this book, we see how being homosexual was a stain in the early 1980s. This book also allows you to witness the rise of aids, as if this disease had been there to punish these men…

Do you have a suggestion that might make people smile ?

Son of Jonathan Roberge. In this book, Jonathan Roberge takes a theme, and then gives advice to his son. It is really very funny and at the same time, it makes you think.

On the side of the classics, what are your major must-sees ?

I have several, starting with Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. I read it in high school and I loved the aspect fatalistic, the side never met Emma Bovary. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë portrays another female character that is strong. In reading it, I felt that I was in his castle and I remember being scared with this story of the former wife locked in the attic !

There are also The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky, and La Reine Margot by Alexandre Dumas. I freaked out on this book. I played it in the third year of the conservatory, so I dipped in it solid !

For parents of toddlers, is that there are books that you would recommend with closed eyes ?

Yes, A potato bike by Élise Gravel. It got a laugh out of my son in boutte ! The truck of Leon Emilie Beaumont has also a strong market for us. It must be said that my sons love the cars !

Finally, what do you plan to read soon ?

I want to read the last book of Nadine Bismuth, A family connection. I have heard good comments from friends and in general, I like how she writes. It is, of course, I’m also going to buy The golden cage of Camilla Läckberg. I can’t miss !

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