Marième: straight outta Limoilou

Husband & egrave; me: straight outta Limoilou

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To talk about her new album, Marième Ndiaye made an appointment with the Journal in a Limoilou roasting plant. In the neighborhood of her childhood, the neighborhood of her heart, where the artist she has become has built herself, in the shadow of the Bardy towers.

Even though her work as a producer and TV host makes her travel everywhere and that her little family resides in Stoneham, “I always come back to Limoilou”, she says.

“This is our home, I know her corners, its alleys, my parents are here. I played basketball in Bardy Park, we did shows on milk crates with plywood at the time with Shoddy. rap battles . It's all my childhood, ”says Marième.

She sings her attachment to Limoilou like never before on Mario , this new album which is named after her nickname.

I remember dirty parties in Bardy's towers. We swore that by Tupac, WuTang and Biiiiiiii-G ”, she shares, nostalgically, on In the heart of my city , one of the eight titles of this collective work, cobbled together with his lover Lou Bélanger, his brother Webster, his friends Claude Bégin, Souldia, and several other proud representatives of the limouloise and Quebec rap scene.

“For me, hip-hop was born here,” she claims. You think of Souldia, Limoilou Starz, of all the groups that have emerged. Long before the 83 case, we were defending our neighborhood. Hip-hop is that. We are the journalists of the street, you defend who you are, you embrace the sector. »

Festive music

In addition to his beloved neighborhood, Marième talks about police brutality and the street in this album which borrows, despite the seriousness of topics covered, a dancing musical approach.

“Over time, I realized that I want my music to live on stage, so I make dance and party music,” she explains.

It's still an album that denounces. In Gogo Gadget , duet with her brother, Marième calls out to the police officer. “ Are you aware that your weapon is not a toy? ” asks the Quebec-Senegalese singer.

In the clip of Gloire à la rue , central piece of the album which summons Imposs, SP, White-B and Izzy-S, a scene shows her as the victim of a police arrest based on racial profiling.

Moderate optimism

Racism, she knows. Just this summer, she was insulted in public for the color of her skin while filming a TV show in Quebec City, an incident she denounced on social media.

< p> So, when asked if the Black Lives Matter movement has raised awareness, she shows moderate optimism.

“It takes concrete actions. Yes, there is a will, so much the better if there is an awakening, but we are starting from a long way and we must continue. »

The album Mario , by Marième, is available.

We can also see Marième hosting the shows Le cœur sur le flow , at the Cultural Factory in Télé-Québec, General tour , on TV5 and Unis TV, and All inclusive , to Ici Radio-Canada.

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