Marilou returns to music with a new album in 2023

Marilou returns to music with a new album in 2023


It has been ten years since Marilou released an album. The one who has just offered us the piece Rosie wishes to cultivate the mystery as to the release date of her new opus. However, she assures us that we will be able to discover her 16 songs in 2023.  

Two children, a flourishing business, an ambassador mandate with Hyundai Canada, a season 2 of the series documentary In other wordsnext February and a new album ready to be presented to the world: Marilou is a worker who can often seem to have everything to be happy.

However, it is her dark sides that the 32-year-old singer has been revealing in songs for two years. First with the piece Pale Rose launched in 2020 (addressing her unwanted pregnancy) and now with Rosie, which comes to “close the parenthesis ” of this particularly difficult moment in her life. 

“ As a mother, it is not so glorious to share an unwanted pregnancy with the world, when in fact, many women live it, she says. This feeling of carrying a child in you that you don't want, I thought it was important to share it with Pale pink. With Rosie, I found it fun to say that we are “later” (*she then wrote “I will love you later”). I wanted to be a voice for all those women who felt challenged. -1007243652″ data-id=”87714771″ width=”100%” style=”border:none;”data-context=”music” data-type=”song”sandbox=”allow-popups allow-scripts allow-forms allow-same-origin”>


It was Audiogram that last summer made her realize that she had created an album. Twenty years after signing his first record deal (at the age of 12!) and a decade after releasing his last album, In the middle of my gap

“I started making music again in 2017, for fun, after my separation, she continues. I wrote to Fred St-Gelais, whom I knew very little about. He too was going through a separation; we immediately understood each other. I asked him if he wanted to come and set up a studio in my room. » Together they blew the dust off his 'old show stock' and, at her own pace, the young woman reconnected with music.

“If I can, through my texts, show that we all have dates to have with ourselves, I will be happy, confides the one who even shares her dark moments on social media. I did therapy, self-work, talked about anorexia, sobriety and anxiety. Social actions like these are not for merit or personal glory, but because we all need role models. »