Marine Lorphelin bride : the former Miss France formalizes her future marriage

Marine Lorphelin fiancée : l'ex Miss France officialise son futur mariage

Marine Lorphelin bride : the former Miss France formalizes her future marriage

It is now certain, Marine Lorphelin will see the ring on your finger. The one who had been elected Miss France 2013 has formalized its engagement with Christophe Malmezac. This makes 5 years that they live a beautiful love story long distance. The couple has come to pass a new stage with a future marriage in view.

Marine Lorphelin officially betrothed

Good news for Marine Lorphelin : Miss France 2013 is engaged to Christophe Malmezac. In a relationship for 5 years with the queen of beauty, the young man native of Tahiti has made his proposal of marriage. And that which is internal in general medicine, while continuing to be influenceuse proudly announced this Monday, January 13, 2020 to be “engaged”, that is to say “bride”. A beautiful post Instagram where she, therefore, has formalized her future marriage, while revealing a picture in the arms of her fiancé, in front of a carousel. So romantic !

In the caption of the photo, Marine Lorphelin has also stated his love to her future husband : “Against all odds. Fate has done everything that we meet. And he was right”. The one that had been very afraid for his companion who had been stabbed seems to now live on a small cloud. Sharing his happiness on the social network, she quickly received many messages of congratulations, including Sylvie Tellier and former Miss France as Malika Ménard, Rachel Legrain-Trapani, Alexandra Rosenfeld, and Chloe Mortaud, but also stars such as the actress Héloïse Martin, Candice Koh Lanta or even the candidate of reality tv Maddy Burciaga.

A wedding this year ?

Crazy in love with Christophe Malmezac, she lives a romance with him long distance at 2014. A romance serious, since the star had already wanted to join him, as she had recently explained to Gala : “We know why we are expecting : we love, we will marry and to found a family”. “It is impossible to resist a stroke of lightning” had she even said about his loving relationship with the one who will soon her husband.

How do they handle the fact that she lives in Paris and him in Tahiti ? “You are a minimum of five times per year and is called the morning and evening, whatever happens. At the beginning it was not easy, but we got there in the end”. The same media has also stated in another article that “the marriage will take place the end of 2020 in Tahiti”.

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