Marine troops: the Amicale celebrated

Marine troops: the Amicale celebrated

Au centre, Éveline, qui porte l’association à bout de bras. Sur la gauche, de face, le président, le colonel Fuzier.

Une nouvelle fois, les membres et amis de l’Amicale des Troupes de Marine se sont rassemblés à Santa-Cruz autour d’un grand repas exotique. Ce jour-là, Éveline, la cuisinière, régalait avec un couscous riche en ingrédients. "There is an intention in the choice of menus: to honor certain people, today the pieds noirs. Next time it will be the islands. It’s also a way to get out of the metropolis. It is interesting to note how the typical dishes of a country bring out memories that will fuel conversations, explains the president, Colonel Frédéric Fuzier.

One of the members, Christian Techer, continues: "It is believed that the veterans of the Marine Troops, faced with great trials, especially have dramatic memories, but the spirit of camaraderie was so anchored, that not only did we evoke the good memories, buts we transformed the bad, to reinforce them with humor. Each was capable of facing danger for the other, regardless of rank. Absolute confidence…"

Members wanted to point out that women play a discreet role, but are essential players for the proper functioning of the association. "I found friends here, I support the association as much as I can", confides Muriel. Those who were absent were not forgotten, an opportunity to create solidarity around members in difficulty. The president expressed regret at not being able to transmit it to schools, while the prefecture agreed: "It is important that young people become aware that people are risking their life to ensure the security of the country, he concluded.

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