Mario Beaulieu remains at the Bloc, but will fight against Martine Ouellet

After careful consideration, MP Mario Beaulieu has decided to remain in the Bloc Québécois to campaign against Martine Ouellet, confirmed sources at La Presse canadienne.
C elui who is also president of the party will continue to exercise this function until we know the result of the confidence vote to be held on 1 st and June 2

Mario Beaulieu has decided to stay in the party to try to save him, said a source. He would have sought to convince M me Ouellet to have a unifying attitude repeatedly, but without success. The member did not respond to calls from The Canadian Press.

Mr. Beaulieu had admitted to reflecting on his political future after the general council of the party on April 29 and confessed to no longer trust Ms. Ouellet. The activists then came to adopt the crisis resolution proposed by the leader, that is to hold a referendum on the mission of the Bloc Québécois as a promoter of independence and a vote of confidence.

Martine Ouellet spokesman Antoni Gilbert said on Tuesday that she was disappointed that he did not rally but was happy that he continued to campaign within the party.

“We respect his decision, which is part of a healthy democratic process where all streams of ideas must be represented,” he said by email.

Martine Ouellet had extended her hand to Mario Beaulieu several times after the general council, but it had not responded, according to Mr. Gilbert.

The Bloc Québécois has been plunged into turmoil since February 28. Seven of his ten deputies then slammed the door saying they were unable to get along with their leader and blamed him for his intransigence. They now intend to found a new political party.

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