Mario Lirette is looking better

Mario Lirette prend du mieux

Hospitalized for two weeks because of an infection in a foot, radio host Mario Lirette should not have to be amputated. “The doctors think that they are able to save his toes,” said his son, Philo Lirette.

Mario Lirette, 68 years old, is getting better. The host is currently located at the Hôpital Pierre-Boucher, Longueuil, because a wound under his left foot was infected.

A rumor claimed that the moderator had caught the COVID-19, and that his hospitalization could be connected.

“I have heard the rumor, but my father was not confirmed [if it has caught the virus],” said Philo Lirette to the Journal.

“From what I understand, his problem is a direct cause of diabetes. My father has diabetes for several years. He had a foot injury, but it does not smell because the blood was not well. “

“He is strong “

The injury was so significant that it has even been question of amputation, a few days ago. But it no longer seems to be there today. “The doctor who handles his file has already dealt with situations like that,” said Philo Lirette. It is very positive. He thinks he’ll be able to heal this wound-there. “

The family of the facilitator follows the day-to-day.

“Since the beginning, this is positive day after day, ensures his son. It is a wound that may not heal quickly. It will take the time it will take. “

Philo Lirette tries to talk to his father every day since his hospitalization.

“I’m trying to change the ideas. Despite everything, it remains extremely smiling. He is made strong. It has been through storms, my father ! “

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