Mario Saint-Amand, academic researcher

Mario Saint-Amand, chercheur universitaire

MONTREAL – It has embodied the legendary Gerry Boulet film and marked the work of Janette Bertrand as Alain the schizophrenic and the sidatique Jean-Pierre in the drama “love is not enough” and “Missionaries of aids” in “Love with a capital a”.

But today, it is on the benches of the school that Mario Saint-Amand is accomplished daily. And, at 52 years old, he has not finished learning, provides us with the most concerned voice, passionate interview.

“The most beautiful sentence I’ve heard in my life, this is Janette Bertrand which I was called, in 1992, when I made the character of a schizophrenic. She told me : “Mario, if you want to do something good with your business, be useful.” Do you think that I have not had the best school of life, when Janette Bertrand, 95-year-old, who is today writing his umpteenth novel, told me that? This is what I am doing at the moment…”, ” he says.

Faculty of medicine

After his time on the set of “District 31”, where he embodied by Michel David, in 2016, Mario Saint-Amand has been struck by a great inspiration : to go to study at the university.

The aboriginal right an irresistible magnet, and the Laval University opened its doors to him. It is, therefore, installed in the Old Capital three years ago.

The encounters, the artist was eventually integrate into the team of the Centre de services de réadaptation en dépendance du CIUSSS of the National Capital as assistant researcher. He who had hitherto never dreamed of joining the faculty of medicine today and in this department, by completing a second certificate, in dependencies.

“And I’m going to do a third certificate in social sciences and then go on to do a master’s degree in dependencies, and, after, access to the doctorate,” says the man, whose artistic bent is never far away, and who is working on the creation of capsules awareness for people who are homeless or struggling with substance abuse problems important.

“It has been a learning formidable, stresses Mario Saint-Amand. As much be sitting next to young people of 20 years and studying with them, that bring me back to school, where I learn what it is to the university.”

However, he does not regret anything.

“For me, the more I learn, the more I become a better person. And, the more I become a better person, the more I want to learn, I sink into the pleasure of going to seek out new data. When one is educated, you want to make other people smarter too. I am chosen. The most beautiful thing I could do is to go to study! Life takes me exactly where I need to be. I continue to learn to be useful in my profession and serve my neighbor.”

“Gerry”, a passage

He is also a spokesperson for Tel-Aide Québec and Houses Péladeau, who come to the aid of the men and women of 18 years and older with problems of drug dependence, alcohol or drugs.

Himself having overcome such demons, Mario Saint-Amand says it is now doubly careful in regards to drugs. Great sportsman, he looked forward to in addition to have reached the ranking criterion with the participation of the Boston marathon, with a time of 3: 20 a.m. about 42 kilometers, but the event was cancelled because of the pandemic.

Several have reported, last week, the release of the film “Gerry”, relayed to ICI Radio-Canada Télé on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the death of the rocker from quebec.

“For me, “Gerry” was a passage that helped me understand my addiction, argues Mario Saint-Amand. It may have been one of the most beautiful gifts that I offered myself by agreeing to play this role-there. If it has marked the people and convinced some of the drug addicts to take themselves in hand before you wither away completely, I’m the guy most happy!”

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