Maripier Morin says she considered suicide while pregnant

Maripier Morin says she considered suicide while pregnant


During his appearance on Étienne Boulay's podcast, bearing the title Chiller chez Boulay, Maripier Morin made several touching revelations.

During the interview which is available in the most recent episode of the podcast and which has a duration of more than an hour, the news mom and the former football player discussed several important topics including substance abuse, addiction, but also suicide. 

From the outset, having been sober for more than two years, and explaining in detail his arduous journey to get to sobriety, Maripier Morin thought it important to mention not wanting to be pitied. 

She even said that the events of 2020 that we know brought her a lot of good.

“It brought so much positive to my life [… ] I had suffered for years. And someone who is not well, it is rare that he does good around him, ”she confessed.

Eventually, Étienne Boulay and his guest broached the subject of suicide and that's when the actress who shines in the film Arlette confided in a poignant vulnerability:

“When I was pregnant, we moved and there was a lot of work to do. Buy furniture, paint, floors, all that. As long as I was active and had plans, it was fine. But at the end of my pregnancy, at eight months, I fell because there were no more plans and it's not good for my mental health to do nothing. And I thought it would be better if my daughter didn't have me as a mother. So I was contemplating the idea…”, she revealed, her throat knotted with emotion.

“I think that's what touches me so much. It's to have had this idea and today I have it in my arms [his daughter] and my God, what a mistake that would have been! But when you are in the same pain…”

Having experienced similar great torments, Étienne Boulay bounced back on Maripier's response by admitting to having been there, too. He said he had dark thoughts after promising his daughter that he would be a better father. However, he relapsed two days after this promise. It was during this period that suicide crossed his mind.

The interview, which is rich in emotions and touching revelations, is available on all platforms as well only on Étienne Boulay's YouTube channel. 

If you are having suicidal thoughts, know that you are not alone. For help, you can call the following number to be listened to: 1-833-456-4566