Marjo is inflated to block

Marjo est gonflée à bloc

After a busy year where she has covered the festivals, the singer Marjo was found, as many of his fellow artists this summer, at nothing. Needless to say, the rocker is raring to go for the only show that is not on his schedule.

The Illegal, Provocative and Cats Wild ecstatic state Friday night in a ciné-parc de Charlesbourg, which can accommodate 150 vehicles.

And the show is run, ” says producer Karl-Emmanuel Picard (District 7 Productions). The latter admits to having sold tickets as far away as Amos, Gaspe, Port-Cartier and Trois-Rivières for this single representation of the rocker this summer.

At the other end of the wire, Marjo, who emerges from a confinement well, quiet, in his words, is inflated to block. She concedes that it is one of the conditions that are the most special in which it will be produced in his career.

“As long as you’re not on the stage, you don’t know what it is,” she said when asked if she is apprehensive to perform in front of cars. You can easily imagine all sorts of things, but you have to live it. Me, I find that extraordinary.”

It has piled up its success in a 90-minute show, that she will give it with only two musicians. “But I’ve done it often, and it moved like this”, she says.

No new album

At the other end of the wire, Marjo is in great shape. She says they have not been “disturbed” by the pandemic, which has served as a time to “take a step back”.

“There is something positive in there,” she said. It has given me the time to read and do business that we don’t have the time to do when working too much”.

Marjo told last fall that she was putting in motion the process of creating a new album. The one who was planning to spend some time during the winter, however, has delayed the project.

“Very few creators have said that they have written during the pandemic. Many have said that they do not feel inspired, that this is not the time. Me too, it’s the same thing. This is not the right time, I think.”

Marjo had a great fall shows before it. It should indeed return the Anti, Quebec city, the 25 and 26 September. “I remain optimistic”, she says, for the rest of the things.

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