Mark Wahlberg will play in the film adaptation of the legendary novel “Cyborg”

Based on the novel “Cyborg” took place earlier adaptation of the TV show

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Марк Уолберг сыграет в экранизации легендарного романа "Киборг"

Mark Wahlberg

Not only Stephen king story adapted in a short time. Thus, it became known that the cult novel by the American writer Martin Caudina “Cyborg” filmed. On the creation of paintings will be working Directors sci-Fi Thriller “Bumblebee” – a 45-year-old Travis knight and Warner Bros.

It should be noted that based on the novel “Cyborg” took place earlier adaptation of the TV show, which was called “Man NACESTI billions of dollars”, reports the edition Aint It Cool.

The novel is 1972, tells about Colonel Steve Austin. During the first test flight, the man gets in a plane crash and gets seriously injured. However, the state wants to bring a fighter in a system, therefore, it was decided to pay him a prosthetic, which costs $ 6 billion. Steve Austin gets super powers and becomes a secret agent.

The role of the hero approved of Mark Wahlberg. The film will premiere in 2020.

Recall that Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass are working on a new joint project called “News Of The World” (“world news”).

And streaming service Netflix has released a trailer for the art of horror “Perfection” (The Perfection).

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