Mark Zavorotnyuk appeared on the neck of the Valley: the fans are predicting the worst

Метка Заворотнюк появилась на шее Долиной: фанаты пророчат худшее

today, 13:06

Despite the fact that the actress was literally glowing with happiness, her look was one of concern, writes Р

Larisa Dolina accompanied by the only daughter angelina and granddaughter Alexandra visited the children’s Christmas party. 64-year-old actress went out in public in a bright shirt, and hair pulled back in a sleek hairstyle. The way the artist added the glasses in a gold frame.

The daughter of the Valley has published in his Instagram a photo with the star mother.

Метка Заворотнюк появилась на шее Долиной: фанаты пророчат худшее

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On the first photo to be seen who is happy☺thank you all for this wonderful holiday!!! 1.5 hours in one go. Good colorful Christmas boom! Spasiboooo “, – signed photo of angelina.

In the comments write massively compliments of the family. But at the same time on the body of the actress noticed a scar just on the neck.

Anxious fans began to discuss what this scar looks like the one that was previously seen on the last photo of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, when the actress attended the presentation of the jewelry brand.

Then, on the chest celebrity noticed an incision similar to the one that remains after the taking of tissue for a biopsy to diagnose cancer. Therefore, a trace on the body seriously alarmed fans of Larisa Dolina.

We remind you that mother Anastasia Zavorotnyuk has accumulated debts for utilities equivalent to almost 19 thousand hryvnia.

As reported Know. ua secret lover Zavorotnyuk under the noses of Putin presented “the Servant of the people” Zelensky Russia: photo.

Also Know As. ua wrote that cancer patient Zavorotnyuk started hunting.


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