Markevich: Over time, Lunin will be the main goalkeeper of real Madrid

Маркевич: З часом Лунін стане основним воротарем «Реала»

Lunin will embark on a preseason training camp with the team

Ex-coach of the Ukraine national football team “Metalist” and “Dnepr” Myron Markevich believes that goalkeeper Andrey Lunin waiting for the status of the first issue in the “Real world”.

Friday, June 22, the goalkeeper signed a six-year contract with the Madrid club. Luhansk will receive for this transfer about 12-14 million euros.

Markevich said that the merit of good development Andrew lies on the coach of “Metalist” and “Dnepr”, as well as head coach “Zorya” Yuri Vernidub.

“Of course, Andrew is a big step forward. He is a hard-working guy. Lunin first started playing we in the football Academy “Metalist”. I remember him well. Then our paths have crossed in the “Dnepr”. Both clubs worked with him are good coaches. And, of course, a big plus is that vernydub believed in it and gave play. These components contributed to the fact that he moved to real Madrid. I think over time it will become the main goalkeeper of the team,” – said Markevich

It was reported that Lunin will go on pre-season training camp with the team, then it will be decided whether to keep him in the team, or send to rent. If the case goes to rent, then surely real Madrid will only let him go to the Spanish club for the adaptation to the environment.

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