Married at first sight 2020 : salary, recruitment,… A former candidate balance

Married at first sight 2020 : wages, recruitment… A former candidate balance

While the season 4 of Married at first sight (or Married at first sight 2020) is currently being broadcast every Monday night on M6, it is so anonymous that a former candidate of the issue testified on Friday 31 January in TPMP. After returning to the way he was recruited, he threw the wages that affect the candidates.

After Delphine and Roman, Melody and Shane, Elodie and Joaquim, Solenne and Matthew, the viewers of M6 will discover this Monday, February 3, 2020 is a new couple of candidates from Married at first sight : Laura and Cyril. But while the issue of dating is being broadcast, a former candidate testified in TPMP anonymously this Friday, January 31st, 2020. 23-year-old during his participation, he explains how he was recruited : “The production is coming to me via Facebook, it was then swapped by phone. Basically, they told me that it was a show around of the wedding, to put forward the values of marriage, that there was a compatibility tests that were made with young women, and that it is as big as it was going to be”.

A former candidate of Married at first sight balance on the wages

He then revealed how the candidates were paid, on average : “What they have said to me, it is 250 euros per day of shooting before the wedding, and then 500 euros, depending on the number of episodes in which it remains during the honeymoon and the follow-up. Thus seen that it was afraid about 3 or 4 days of shooting before, and then after, depending on, for several weeks, it could make a lovely pactolus”. A wage is not surprising since the law obliges the past few years to remunerate the candidate. But where it is surprising is that this is an incentive for candidates to participate as long as possible in the program, that the marriage works out or not, a bit like Melody, and Adrien. M6 has not confirmed these statements, nor the amount that would be candidates for the program.

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