Married young bride because of the scandal, lost husband

The court promised to take control of this situation and protect the rights of children

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Вышедшая замуж малолетняя невеста из-за скандала лишилась мужа

In Iran terminated the marriage of 11-year-old girl

Parents who married young Iranian women showed the judge the province Boyer-Ahmad (Iran) a copy of the birth certificate of the child, according to which the age of the girls is 11 years. By the way, to register the marriage under local laws can only be 13. This publication reports the Rokna.

According to the parents of young Iranian women and the priest, it was a temporary marriage that is concluded to introduce a few and avoid the religious restrictions.

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The judge ruled that, given the age of the girl, such a marriage undesirable. It was decided to terminate it and to wait two years until the couple can marry with the permission of the court. Both parties agreed with this decision. In addition, the court promised to take control of this situation and protect the rights of children.

Earlier “Today” wrote that the Iranian journalist masih Alinejad published on Twitter a video of the wedding girl from Iran and said that it made her cry. According to Alinejad, according to Islamic law, 13-year-old girls are allowed to marry, but not allowed to choose their own outfit.

Journalist Babak Taguay in his Twitter account said that the married 28-year-old Iranian with an underage girl from the County Bahmi province Boyer-Ahmad, the authorities require to be declared invalid. This decision was made under public pressure.

Babak of Tagua also in more detail described the personality of the groom. According to him, the man’s name is Milad Cesani, he is a fighter of the people’s militia Basij, which is Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC). Some media wrote that the man 28 years old, and 22 years old.

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