Marry blindly into the new season of the famous reality show will be the owner of IT-company

Жениться вслепую в новом сезоне известного реалити-шоу будет владелец IT-компании

today, 19:13

29 January at 22:45 on the TV channel “1+1” will premiere the sixth season of the reality show “Marriage blind”.

However, it will be the debut of new lead: practicing psychologist Irina Kirichenko and life-coach Daniel Salem.

Жениться вслепую в новом сезоне известного реалити-шоу будет владелец IT-компании

new expert Irina Kirichenko

Жениться вслепую в новом сезоне известного реалити-шоу будет владелец IT-компании

new expert Daniel Salem

Will start the new season the owner of 7 businesses, Valentin, to whom the work is prevented to find time for family, and Mar, which had previously been married to a wealthy husband.

Valentin in his 29 years, has it all: money, 7 businesses, among which IT company own jewelry factory and constantly works 24/7 with no time to date. He was confident that the experts of the program will help you to find the perfect soulmate:

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My pragmatic mind tells us that the probability to find a girl with values, psychological makeup, physical appearance is much higher, when experts analyze the questionnaire Valentin

Mar, the owner of a photo Studio, was already married. However the woman failed to save the marriage, and now she hopes to find his soulmate and to build a strong seven’th.

My last relationship lasted 9 years. I had private planes, and diamonds, we could afford for the weekend to fly to anywhere in Europe. And yet man, the best my ex, I have never met. But just a beautiful cover and money is not interesting to me, I want the man was samorealizatsii, and as they say, has made himself – says March.

After studying the questionnaires of all participants, the experts came to the conclusion that Valentine and Martha are well suited to each other, after all, have all the qualities that each of them looks for in a partner. After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds settled in a luxurious mansion where they started the first tests. Not done in house and without the first argument over a misunderstanding and hot-headed characters.

And see if they can overcome their own complexes, habits, and prejudices, can looking live.

Remained unchanged the terms of the project: experts pick up the second half on the basis of psychological and emotional and sexual compatibility, and meets the pair had been on their wedding day.

during the week the couple get to know each other, living under a common roof and a common family budget. After 7 days the participants in “Marriage blind” make the final decision – to permanently remove a wedding ring or to continue the relationship beyond the project.

Earlier, the premiere of the film “Little women”.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, recently held star-studded gala premiere of the new film from British Director guy Ritchie – crime Comedy “Gentlemen.”

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