Marshawn Lynch paid $1.2 million in fines

Marshawn Lynch paid $1.2 million in fines


Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch had the NFL swipe $1.2 million from him for the many times he chose not to answer questions from the media.  

That's what the 2019-retired man revealed during his appearance on the 'I Am Athlete' podcast.

Furthermore, Lynch recounted that the NFL had threatened to fine him $500,000 if he refused to show up for the pre-Super Bowl XLIX media day. At the time, he was wearing the colors of the Seattle Seahawks.

The threat prompted Lynch to appear before the press, but he answered all questions with the following sentence: “I am simply here to avoid being fined.”

“The fines I had received during the previous season were starting to pile up. It was a pretty big amount, $1.2 million. Just for refusing to speak to the media,” Lynch explained of his behavior before the final game of the 2014 season.

Lynch started his career with the Buffalo Bills in 2007, but suffered his heyday with the Seahawks. He played for this formation from 2010 to 2015 and ended his career with it in 2019, between his two stints in Seattle, he played for the Oakland Raiders for two campaigns.

L he 36-year-old has rushed for 10,413 yards and 85 touchdowns in 149 games. He also caught 287 passes for 2,214 yards and nine majors.