Marta Adamchuk from the “Women’s Quarter” talked about showdown among the girls: “It broke…”

Марта Адамчук из “Женского Квартала” рассказала о разборках среди девушек: “Уже разошлись...”

Faith Cecelia and Marta Adamchuk

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Famous Ukrainian singer and participant in the “Women’s Quarter” Marta Adamchuk told about the friendship and competition in the team.

The star admitted Know.ia in fights among girls.

“Women’s Quarter” consists of 14 Actresses and three actors who joined the team last year. It would seem like they can all work and no fighting?

Марта Адамчук из “Женского Квартала” рассказала о разборках среди девушек: “Уже разошлись...”

Women’s Quarter

Marta Adamchuk says that there are no conflicts in the “Women’s Quarter” does not exist, and if you happen and disassembly, it is only as a showdown in the text.

“Nobody trusts us that we have a very cool relationship! We have so much fun together in the process of preparation, we really admire each other. I know this sounds like just words, but true – we really have no conflict, there are clarifying some points, the analysis of the texts of the flights, and texts: who sings what. We already know who has the best get to know our Directors, to whom a song to give. We timbral had gone vocalists, know who where the Actresses – among themselves. Competition is very healthy”, – said Marta Adamchuk.

Марта Адамчук из “Женского Квартала” рассказала о разборках среди девушек: “Уже разошлись...”

Marta Adamchuk, Women’s Quarter

The singer is sure that competition in the team should be because it stimulates.

“You see near you, stylish, beautiful women, you currently have concessions to eat something at night will not. Do you have an example, and it is – talented people who support you. It’s a good competition, a stimulant. Such a strong team,” – said adamczyk.

Martha’s got a hobby – photography. Star loves taking pictures, sometimes the shot fall and her colleagues.

“Once I was doing a little backstage from our photo shoot purely for myself, when I processed the photos, I realized that girls are not just beautiful, each one a personality. So cool! As if it did not sound snobbish. 14 completely different girls, and each has some kind of his “thingy” inside, charisma. How can this not be happy? It teaches you many things, develops”, – said Mar.

Марта Адамчук из “Женского Квартала” рассказала о разборках среди девушек: “Уже разошлись...”

Valery Zhidkov and Women’s Quarter

We asked what the “thingy” the Martha?

“Maybe I haven’t realized or are looking – with a smile admitted the star. – I know its positive aspects. But of course, I try to work on their “doorsteps” you see. Learn to see them. Turn mistakes into advantages. Apparently my desire to not just sing, but to still send the information via voice. I’m learning it.”

It is no secret that Marta Adamchuk most friends in the “Women’s Quarter” with Vera Cecelia colleague on the project “Golos Krainy”.

“Can you believe, can not believe it, but the fact remains – I have a few friends. It’s two people that are time tested, situations. I can confidently say that friendship is. I have a close friend Light Kalyuzhnaya, which appeared in this moment for me, when turned to the life. Was a very important period. She writes to me lyrics. Have Faith. It would seem that in show business in General can not be friends, and we all turned out”, – shared the singer.

Марта Адамчук из “Женского Квартала” рассказала о разборках среди девушек: “Уже разошлись...”

Marta Adamchuk and Faith Cecelia

Mar noted that is very difficult to keep your distance from the people with whom you work every day. But she was lucky!

“There is no need, because on the contrary, draws us the fate of “Voices”. We weren’t doing anything on purpose, but we started to call for interviews, to filming, to act together, now in the Quarter we’re together. And it’s such a reliable support. On the one hand, we complement each other, on the other hand we are very, very similar. There was a case on the transfer of a humorous, when in the beginning we were asked: “What do you expect from how you feel about the victory?” And we each other have not heard, or rather didn’t hear me Faith, and I heard her answer. I said to her, “You wouldn’t believe! We gave identical answers” – said Marta Adamchuk.

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