Martel will pay police officer Éric Lefebvre $ 438,000

Multi-recidivist Frédérick Martel will have to pay more than $ 438,000 in damages to SPS police officer Eric Lefebvre, for giving him a violent and devious punch during an interrogation in 2006.
To this amount, Justice Suzanne Mireault of the Superior Court adds an amount of $ 25,000 to be paid to Éric Lefebvre’s spouse as non-pecuniary damages.

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Quebec municipal police rally behind Eric Lefebvre

As requested at the hearing of this civil suit, Martel can not be released from this debt even if he is one day on the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Police officer Lefebvre was severely injured with a blow by the recidivist criminal Frédérick Martel in 2006, which left him with serious consequences.

“The unlawful interference and intentionality are obvious here,” Justice Mireault said.

Martel, who is being held in a federal penitentiary, did not show up at the Sherbrooke courthouse when the case was heard in April.

The judge noted the lack of remorse on the part of Martel since the events.

“Both by his statements and by his behavior, Frédérick Martel let appear not only a complete lack of remorse for his victim, but also his desire to take advantage of his aggression to enhance his reputation with third parties or to intimidate them, “said Judge Mireault.

Life turned upside down

This assault of August 29, 2006 during the interrogation of Martel at the headquarters of the SPS disrupted the life of Eric Lefebvre. Victim of a torn brainstem, head trauma and a cervical sprain, Éric Lefebvre is still suffering the consequences of this aggression: loss of memory, reactions to light and noise, dizziness, extreme fatigue , mood disorder, absence from work for two years, decreased intellectual performance, neuropsychological disorders, to name only these. He has maintained some permanent cognitive effects, slurred speech and migraine episodes. He can not work full time anymore.

“In sum, since the brutal, despicable and devious aggression of which he was a victim, the quality of professional, family and conjugal life of Eric Lefebvre has been severely disrupted. The same goes for the quality of life of her spouse, “said Justice Mireault.

The judge also noted Martel’s episode of fraud against Éric Lefebvre in his decision.

“In addition, his usurpation of Eric Lefebvre’s identity denotes not only his lack of contrition and repentance, but also his lack of scruples to cause him additional damage,” says Justice Suzanne Mireault.

It denounces in the decision the perpetration of violent acts against a member of the Quebec judicial system.

“This is a real social scourge and a free and democratic society like ours can not tolerate it,” she says.

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