Martin Carpentier regained: the mother of the girls is going to live in a huge fog

Martin Carpentier retrouvé: la maman des fillettes va vivre dans un énorme brouillard

Amy Veilleux, the mother of the small Norah and Romy Carpentier, will be in need of his own and a titanic courage to go through the painful ordeal that is the lost girls of 6 and 11 years.

The body of her ex-husband, Martin Carpentier, was discovered Monday night in a row of Saint-Lazare in the Chaudière-Appalaches. The man was the object of a hunt the police for 12 days. It is the last to have been seen in the company of girls, the Wednesday, July 8.

“The mother will live a lot of anger and helplessness, because she will not get answers to its questions on the part of sir. She will live also of guilt. The father committed suicide. Madame said that she did not see the signs that it was not going well. It’s going to be a huge fog for her,” writes the psychologist Paul Langevin.

  • The journalist Karine Bourassa made the point in the aftermath of the discovery of the body of Martin Carpentier:

Do the mourning of a loved one is a long process. To mourn a child is a tortuous path and without end, ” says the psychologist who has 25 years of clinical experience.

“The grief of a child is complete ever. You learn to live with. In 10, 15, 20 years ago, the mother and the family will cope with the pain. The time is going to do his work, but the grieving will never be done”, supports Paul Langevin.

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