Martin Carpentier still not found, the search extending over 50 square km

Martin Carpentier toujours introuvable, les recherches s'étendent sur 50 km carrés

The search for Martin Carpentier resumed at 9 o’clock, Tuesday morning, a sixth day of hunt for the man who must be in a radius of 50 square kilometers, to Saint-Apollinaire.

The police has not indicated whether it believed that the fugitive was alive or dead.

“As long as one has no concrete evidence other than one particular room, you can’t overlook the fact that it can be in life, you know, someone who is healthy, someone who is mobile and can easily move by walking several kilometres per day,” says Ann Mathieu.

Yesterday, a plane from Transport Canada, equipped with a powerful thermal imaging camera was called in reinforcement by the SQ to advance the research.

Research is continuing Tuesday to locate Martin Carpentier, father of two girls, in a hunt for the man who mobilizes many police officers since Wednesday evening, Saint-Apollinaire and Saint-Agapit.

Despite the continuation of sweeps intensive to Saint-Apollinaire and Saint-Agapit, the police were faced with the same outcome on Monday that the previous days: no suspect and a mystery, which only Carpentier was “the key”, which persists.

The man, 44-year-old is wanted by the police since Wednesday, after triggering an AMBER alert.

The day of Monday, apparently calm, is lively in the evening when a citizen reported seeing an individual running in a field of corn near the rank Top-Parish, St-Agapit, a little over six kilometres of the perimeter main.

These interesting pieces have been sent for expertise to “corroborate whether[they] are related to Martin Carpentier,” says the spokesperson Ann Mathieu.

A clearer picture is brush on the chronology of the facts from this mysterious accident on highway 20 last Wednesday.

The autopsies of the two girls have been completed on Monday, which is attached to the review already finalised the damaged car.

  • Listen to the account of the journalist Félix Séguin at QUB Radio:

The main hypothesis is that the father and the two children were in the cabin at the time of the rollover.

However, the conclusions of the two expert reports will be kept confidential “as Martin Carpentier is not localized and that it has not been able to talk to him,” said Ann Mathieu.

“The sequential exact all that he was able to do as a route, it sets quietly,” she said. But it is the final key pieces that we are missing.”

– With the collaboration of the QMI Agency and Catherine Bouchard

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