Martin Drainville: memories of “Me and the other”

Martin Drainville: souvenirs de «Moi et l’autre»

MONTREAL | In 1995, a young Martin Drainville, whose career was in full ascension, inherited from the fun role of the naive Gustave Landreville in Me and the other.

First presented in 1966 to 1971, at Radio-Canada, the comedy revolved around the legendary duo Denise Filiatrault Dominique Michel was reborn 30 years later at the same antenna, in a modern version and updated, bringing together the protagonists of the first version (which John Paul Lavigueur, interpreted by the late Roger Joubert).

Réal Béland (father), then deceased, his or her character, the concierge Gustave had been eliminated to make room to another, Gustave, that it was as his son. After Super unleaded, Saturday, P. M. , and the film Louis 19, Martin Drainville once again demonstrated his great talent as a comedian.

The actor recalls here some good memories of Me and the other, that HERE ARTV rebroadcasts currently on Wednesday at 19h and 19: 30.

A close-knit team

“It was the first time that I have worked with Denise Filiatrault and Dominique Michel. There was also (the producer), Jean Bissonnette, in this project. These are people who had seen other. I had a super agreement with Roger Joubert, who was very generous. They have all been received very kindly, because, me, I was not part of the “gang” in the initial stage. They had all lived together before. I’m done telling stories they had experienced, at a time a little past, to the era of the cabarets…They talked to me about a lot of Réal Béland, who played my role to the origin. They had told me his superstition of always playing in the same shoes on the shelf.”

Curly hair

“Since I incarnais the son of Réal Béland, I had created a look that made credible the fact that I play his son. I had curly hair. It was a lot of work every week to me the curling. What you see on tv, this is not a wig! (laughter) It was me who wanted it, because a wig, for guys, it must be well made! You can “die in battle”, with a bad wig. I think it was worth it, to be closer to the real Gustave.”

Check yes, check no

“We were shooting on the evening of the 1995 referendum. We were shooting with Roger D. Landry, who was a federalist convinced. And there was a lot of sovereigntists solicitors in our camp! It was amazing how we don’t speak of it. It did not exist! And then, once the day was over, we all rushed to our tvs to see the result! I remember this one time where, by mutual respect, we had a private talk politics for not to inflame the discussion.”

With gloves

“Denise Filiatrault we ran a lot in Me and the other… with any reputation that precedes it (laughter). But, for me, it was super. That is what you want, she loved me ! (laughter) Denise, you do requests ever if she’s happy or not ; you know that ! (laughter) She says things as, and you finally understand that, if she said, this is to save your skin. It does not take gloves hyper white, but she still has gloves (laughter). She is very generous, she does not want the people to have the air crazy and ridicule. Once you understand it, you agree to the small corners that are less sand and more square. I love Denise, and she knows it.”

A large sensitive

“I have often seen Denise Filiatrault create characters express to fellow actors who did not have a lot of work. I think, among other things, Paul Berval, that she loved so, and who had learned a lot. I felt a recognition of his share to Mr. Berval. He was working less at this time, and she had written a role.”

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