Martin Drainville : the fifties and its beautiful roles

Martin Drainville : la cinquantaine et ses beaux rôles

MONTREAL – The fifty Martin Drainville is teeming on the professional level. In addition, combining the roles of complex and rewarding for the past ten years, the actor has just won a nomination for a Gemini for her performance in the series “Fragile”.

“I’ve never had a career plan, blowing a Martin Drainville to the head cold in the interview. Even the word “career”, I don’t like it. We take the roles that we are offered at the discretion of the hazards of life, we had meetings, or not…But the fifty allows us to get out of our normal area.”

In 2014, Drainville, who will celebrate his 56 years in August, glided under the garb of leather Bruno, dangerous, pimp, looking harmless in the offbeat “black Series”. In the theatre, he has taken over the past year the torch of “Broue” with her friends and Benoît Brière and Luc Guérin.

And his character of the man Patrick Provencher, alias Bazou, in “Fragile” on HERE Extra, is one of the most mysterious of the plot family imagined by the author Serge Boucher.


Without surprise, we learned on Tuesday that Martin Drainville has won a nomination for the 35th Gemini award for this interpretation of friendly man, would do anything to protect his family, but also the bearer of a quantity of secrets and shadows.

“So much the better if a good harvest is coming, but that it is the case or not, “Fragile” remains one of my projects in the most satisfactory”, referred to the main concerned about praise and rewards.

“Fragile,” having dropped thirteen references to the table of honor, his colleagues, Marc-André Grondin, Christian Bégin, Martin-David Peters, and Juliette Gosselin are also referred to Gemini for their game, while Claude Desrosiers is a finalist for its achievement, and Serge Boucher for his texts.

“Such a role is an extraordinary gift in the life of someone, advance to the comedian about his Bazou. I don’t know if a similar gift is going to happen to me again.”

Hyper responsible

He who, by his own admission, many portrayed men juvenile or funny (in a “Scoop”, “Louis 19”, “Lol” and “Le petit monde de Laura Cadieux”, among others) felt that it would not have been able to make such a drama if it had not been for his 30 years of occupation that preceded it.

Praising the writing skillful and sensitive of Serge Boucher, the father of two boys of 13 and 19 also considers that it would not have been able to simulate the mourning in the same way if he had not known the authorship.

“It is of the book, to go into these areas! I felt a lot of connivance with this character, who is of the race of my father, of my uncles. This is a man eager to help, whose weak point is to be hyper-accountable for the happiness of all, and to be glorified there. It prided itself of it, and has made more than the customer demand. And it led to his loss.”

“The great strength of the writing of Serge Boucher’s, is that it does not judge its characters. Even his “villains” are not so bad,” adds Martin Drainville.

  • The series “Fragile” and “black Series” are available on HERE Extra. ICI Radio-Canada Télé will distribute “Fragile” in the fall.
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