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Martin Matte is given the change of his room

Martin Matte gets his coin back


Comedian Martin Matte, who is used to creating beautiful discomfort, was the sprinkler sprinkled as part of his well-cooked (roast) presented as part of the ComediHa! at the Capitol on Wednesday evening, where several of his fellow comedians did not hesitate to talk about his age difference with his spouse (Laurence Leboeuf) as well as his brother suffering from head trauma.

The host of the evening, Fabien Cloutier, set the tone from the start by saying that if he wanted to hear a tribute to Martin Matte, he only had to chat with him. As “everything was flat from his birth until he went to the school of humor”, Fabien Cloutier spoke of his early career which was slowed down until he decided to talk about the serious accident. of his brother. “We all know it's a touching story and he decided to use it. With that, we forgot that it was a lot of m****. When that wasn't enough, he started to pity people by telling people his brother needed a house…which he put in his name, he added.

Subsequently, Stéphane Rousseau had a malicious pleasure in playing the head of Martin Matte. Describing him as a “self-obsessed asshole who isn’t always friendly,” Rousseau mentioned that, like his father, he didn’t believe in him when he first started on the boards. He also talked about his girlfriend who is old enough to be his daughter.

“You have not succeeded in making yourself loved by your own children so you want to be loved by those of others,” Rousseau said, adding that he would never have had such a partner if he had remained in the sector. doors and windows. Regarding the couple's possibility of having children, Rousseau replied “there is nothing more beautiful than a redheaded and bald child.”

Rosalie Vaillancourt, who started in saying she never thought she would meet a lot of people she thought were dead, kept the crowd laughing from start to finish as she recounted one of her first encounters with Martin Matte.

For her part, Christine Morency literally broke the house, she who made fun of the comedian, in addition to making jokes about the other artists present.

As for him, Robert Lepage analyzed the performances of Martin Matte in the cinema. The latter was very comfortable in his role, triggering several laughs in the audience.

For his part, Martin Perizzolo said that his friend was not well in the lying position, because he It was more difficult to put others down that way.

Last guest of the evening, Mike Ward warned that his performance was going to be bad because he is not able to write mean jokes. “They said so to the Supreme Court.”

It should be noted that his daughter Marilou Matte, whom we see very little in the media, even did a number on her father, describing him as an individual very touchy who has a little princess side. “Thanks to my father, I made a new friend.”

At the end of the evening, Martin Matte was able to take his revenge on his colleagues, he who put on the gags making people laugh out loud the conquered crowd.

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