Martin St-Louis: “We don't finish the job”

Martin St-Louis: “We don't finish the job”


Twenty-six games. This is what remains to the season of the Canadian. With the infirmary overflowing, wins scarce, and the fight for a playoff berth non-existent, that final stretch could be a long one. 

Of course, it depends from the perspective from which one looks at the situation. A philosopher in his spare time, Martin St-Louis used a quote from Theodore Roosevelt according to which comparing ourselves to others often deprives us of the feeling of satisfaction.

“When you look at the standings and measure yourself against other teams, you can easily lose the fun,” explained the head coach of the Canadiens, well aware that his team is 26th in the general standings.


“We have to keep the emphasis on ourselves to bring enthusiasm. We want to keep growing and learning,” he added.

Sometimes learning is done the hard way. As was the case last Thursday in Raleigh, and Saturday in Toronto. In the game for a good part of the game, the Canadian ended up collapsing in front of much stronger than him.

“We have to finish the games, we have to finish the periods, we have to finish our presence , hammered the Lavallois. We are here, we are in the right position. But we don't finish the job. We have to be more demanding on this side.

Encouraging signs

This reality is often that of an inexperienced team. Inconstancy and youth often go hand in hand. Not to mention that with the number of injuries, several players are not occupying the right chair.

Again, there are two ways to look at the situation: focus on the last 20 minutes in which the Canadian escaped him or think that he stood up to some of the best formations on the circuit during forty minutes.

Unsurprisingly, Jordan Harris prefers the second.

“At the start of the season, not many people gave us a chance to be able to compete with teams of this stature. It's encouraging to know that we can fight anyone when we're playing well. 

“Yes, it's annoying to see that a few mistakes cause us to lose these games, a he continued. There are positives to take away, but there are also learning opportunities. »

Which is not bad in itself.

Another big challenge

Another great opportunity may arise. present to them Tuesday night in Newark. Third in the NHL, the Devils have lost only two of their last ten regular-time games.

“The key will definitely be consistency. We will have to be smart and avoid mental errors, because in the NHL, the best clubs are too talented to waste scoring chances, ”argued Alex Belzile.

This is the case of Jack Hughes . With 35 goals, the former teammate of Cole Caufield is at the heart of the race for the Maurice-Richard trophy.

Samuel Montembeault will face the shots from the Devils players.