Martine Beaulieu: the authenticity of reinventing itself

Martine Beaulieu: l’authenticité pour se réinventer

The pandemic has forced many professionals to re-invent themselves. This is the case of an interior decorator, who has decided to move from the drawing table… in the manufacture of furniture.

The contact with the people: this is what love the most Martine Beaulieu. For the one who manages his company of interior decoration for the past 10 years, the pandemic has changed everything.

“I did it by phone or by e-mail. People were sending me pictures, but it was not the same,” said the one who lives in the city of Mercier, South Shore.

Stuck at home with the containment and without contracts of employment as a teacher at DEP in interior design, Ms. Beaulieu had to reinvent itself to pass through the crisis.

“I am very manual and I have already made of the dried flowers in the 1970s. I told myself that I was going to reinvent myself by making furniture in recyclable materials”, she explained.

The project was launched: with old spools of thread on Hydro-Quebec found on Facebook, Ms. Beaulieu has started to make clocks and tables.

“I have continued to buy coils because I sold four clocks in one day!”, she said.

Ms. Beaulieu has made no fewer than 20 furniture for 16 clients from the pandemic. An added value to the profession, she said.

The search for the one

Of a stump washed up on the strike in the Gaspé peninsula up to the door of a barn, Martine Beaulieu finds inspiration in the contrast between the new and the worn.

“I love the raw and mix the materials. Wool, wood…”, gives it as an example.

For the moment, its furniture are only available via the social networks and later on the web in the fall.

Ms. Beaulieu likes the idea of keeping production on a small scale. “When people start, it’s beautiful, you can see that there is a soul in the furniture, but when it becomes more big, the soul is no longer there, it is the reproduction”, believes the one who loves to see a work that she created in the background of one of its clients.

Highlight buying local

The CEO of the Association of furniture manufacturers of Quebec, Gilles Pelletier, believes that the “unique” of a piece of furniture made by hand is a good selling point.

“There are a lot of companies who have migrated their business model to the customization to compete with China, he explained. With a piece of furniture made in China, everyone is going to have the same furniture.”

You can reach Ms. Beaulieu via its web site

and buy its furniture through its page Facebook @MB-Design

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